'The Firefly' - 'Fringe' Episode 3.10

Fringe Episode 3.10
"The Firefly"
Written By: Joes Wyman and Jeff Pinkner
Directed By: Charles Beeson
Original Airdate: 21 January 2011

In This Episode...

The Fringe team is called to a retirement home when a resident is caught on video talking to his son, who has been dead for 20 years. The son seems to have been brought there by The Observer. The resident, Roscoe Joyce, was the keyboardist from Walter's favorite 1970s rock band, Violet Sedan Chair. Walter is overjoyed to meet his idol, and takes him back to the lab to hypnotize Roscoe and figure out what Bobby said. Bobby told Roscoe he was to help a man named Walter Bishop.

The Observer comes to see Walter. He needs help restoring the balance that was unsettled when The Observer saved Walter and Peter from the frozen lake. Walter begins to put the pieces together. It is all Chaos Theory. Because Peter didn't die in the lake, Roscoe's son was killed in a car accident. Walter is now paranoid that The Observer is back to take Peter. Knowing that if he saves a girl involved in a car accident, Peter may die, Walter reluctantly saves her. He thinks Peter is safe, but later that night Peter drinks what he thinks is just milk, but is actually a serum that Walter had been experimenting with. Peter immediately seizes, and Walter talks Liv through an antidote over the phone. Peter is fine, but the Observer is outside watching. It was a test for Walter, to see if he could let his son die. He could, and The Observer notes that when the time comes, he would be willing to do it again.

Dig It or Bury It?

Fringe returns from hiatus with a good episode. Not a great episode, but a very good one. It was a Walter-heavy episode, which I love because he is such a delightfully quirky character. I felt that Christopher Lloyd, who played Roscoe Joyce, was woefully underused. Sure, he was the catalyst for Walter connecting the dots in the Chaos Theory that affects him, but it could have been anyone in that role. Lloyd was fantastic as usual, and I certainly didn't need him to Doc Brown it up. But Lloyd's character spent most of the episode despondent and glassy-eyed behind a veil of stringy aged rock-star hair. I feel like he will be back in a future episode or two.


I saw Jurassic Park. I can get behind Chaos Theory. The time travel stuff is what bogs me down. The Observer can apparently move through time, and he took Roscoe's son through time to the present. Trying to wrap my brain around time travel concepts leaves me dizzy. A few years ago, I worked on a project with a Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist who told me that, as it stands with what we know of physics today, time travel could not happen. A complete overhaul of many scientific theories would have to be made for the idea to be possible. So there. I'm calling this one "Busted."

Walter Babble

The episode opens at two in the morning, with Peter awoken by a sleepless Walter. He is bubbling potions in an enormous chemistry set. When Peter finds him, Walter's pants are around his ankles, and he is about to inject himself with the serum he had been experimenting with. When the pizza guy knocks at the door, Walter is too excited to pull up his pants, and he waddles like a child to the door.


It seems Massive Dynamic has a massive bomb that is meant for the alternate universe. After Peter becomes the company's lab rat, it seems that he can arm the bomb with his mind.