'First Blood' - 'Dexter' Episode 5.5


Dexter Episode 505
“First Blood”
Written By: Tim Schlattmann
Directed By: Romeo Tirone
Original Airdate: 24 October 2010

In This Episode...

Dexter is juggling being a single dad with work, the Dark Passenger, and dealing with Lumen.  He meets with her on occasion at a diner to try to talk her out of revenge and in to going home.  He starts digging around, looking for Boyd’s accomplices, hoping that if he can kill the one who abused Lumen, she won’t have to, and she will be able to move on.  Traditional police channels yield nothing, so Dexter breaks in to Boyd’s house.  He is too late - Lumen has already been there.  Next stop is Lumen’s motel, where Dexter breaks in and finds an obsessive collage of police reports, newspaper clippings, and notes relating to who may have hurt her.  Dexter finally finds a lead among her papers, a guy named Brunner, who was once Boyd’s cell mate.

Dexter locates Brunner in a sex offender shantytown under a bridge.  He drugs Brunner and brings him to the kill room he originally set up for Boyd.  Harry reminds him that Brunner is on parole.  Sure enough, Dexter checks - he is wearing an electronic monitoring anklet.  His parole officer would know where he was, and Boyd was on his “do not contact” list.  Brunner could not have been the other guy.  Dexter is upset and wound up that he almost killed the wrong guy.

The next day, Dexter goes to the motel looking for Lumen.  The manager tells him she went to Tuttle Bridge.  Dexter races out there and finds Lumen just before she can shoot Brunner.  He insists that Brunner could not have abused her - he checked his anklet, and he wasn’t near Boyd’s house while Lumen was there.  He begs her to go home, that killing her abusers won’t make her feel better.  She finally concedes, and the next day he takes her to the airport.  Dexter even tells Lumen his real name, and that she can call if she ever needed to talk.  He leaves her to go through security, and she is pulled aside for pat down.  Anxiety and flashbacks flood Lumen, and she stays in Miami.

Batista is starting to get suspicious about his new bride.  She is talking to McCourt a lot, working late, distracted.    Batista sees her leave work in McCourt’s car.  Later, he snoops in her phone and sees an appointment with him at a motel the next day.   Peeking through the window, he sees Laguerta buttoning up her shirt and bursts into the room.  She’s not fucking McCourt; she is helping him with an undercover operation, trying to nail a narcotics officer on the take.  She was buttoning her shirt because she was wearing a wire.  Laguerta was only helping out to close the investigation on Batista, so naturally, she is beyond pissed that Batista wouldn’t trust her.

Also: Deb gets a lead on where to find the Fuentes brothers, and Quinn hires the cop that Laguerta busted to look into Dexter for him.

Dig It or Bury It?

Interestingly, this episode felt less Dexter-centric, and more equally split between him, Deb, and Laguerta’s story lines. I liked it this way, because the Lumen/Dexter story is still boring.  She wants to go spit on graves, Dex wants to be fatherly and prevent her from taking on her own Dark Passenger.  More fun facts: Robocop himself, Peter Weller, plays the dirty cop, and plays him well.  A tattoo artist hits on Deb.  She is cute, but Deb is either going to kick her ass or decide she is fed up with men and switch teams.  All said, this episode wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t special.


Batista, trying to extinguish his jealousy, asks Deb if she would ever sleep with McCourt.  “I would rather put out a campfire with my face.”

Flashback to the Future

Harry is on hand to help Dexter steer Lumen away from the path that he finds himself on.  “She’s not a killer, Dex.  She’s coming undone.”  In her motel room, Dexter and Harry find her obsessive clippings collection, and a makeshift bed set up in the closet.  Later, it is Harry who points out to Dexter that Brunner was on parole and therefore being monitored, and not one of Lumen’s abductors.

Body Bags

While following up on a lead, Deb finds two decaying corpses that may have been the Fuentes brothers’ first victims.  They are partially mummified, and covered with maggots and swarms of flies.  They looked awfully similar to Norman Bates’s mother.


I think that Lumen might be slipping down the Dissociative Identity Disorder path.  Maybe I just hope she is.  That would end up being a great plot twist.  I need some kind of plot twist, some drama.... something.