Five Things to Know About the New Season of 'The Following'


The Following returns to Fox in a few weeks, and I am psyched. While season one was sometimes repetitive and occasionally ridiculous (there was always a follower right where they needed one!), it was so fast-paced, well-shot, and generally insane that I was hooked all the way through. 

Season two is off to a very good start. I have only seen the first episode, but I loved it. As you probably know from the commercials, Joe may be dead and his cult disbanded, but once a follower, always a follower, and there are still minions out there, seeking revenge for Joe’s death as well as general chaos.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

The Following premieres on Sunday, January 19th, immediately following the NFC Championship game. The show then goes its regular time slot on Mondays at 9pm starting January 27th.

Season two opens one year after season one.

It is the one year anniversary of the Havenport tragedy. Joey is with his grandmother in witness protection. Mike is still on probation and has not yet been cleared to return to active duty. There has been no mention of Ryan’s sister, but he is very close with his adult niece, Max. Out of 37 or so of Joe Carroll’s known acolytes, only eight are unaccounted for. The rest either died or were arrested. (Some at Havenport; some in the interim.) 

Ryan Hardy has really cleaned himself up.

Ryan has been sober for five months. He has left the FBI and is a teacher at the New York College for Criminal Justice. His students love him, and he is good at his job. He has a new apartment with lots of light and a fancy-shmancy security system - enough to be safe, but not so much as to be paranoid. He jogs and takes his heart medicine. In other words, Ryan is nothing like the dark, tormented Ryan of last season. Except that it seems he still has some secrets behind  a fancy-shmancy locked door…

We get a definitive answer to the question: is Joe Carroll alive?

At the end of season one, Joe Carroll blew up. Yet actor James Purefoy is still listed in the credits. Did he survive? Will we merely see him in flashbacks? Is there an evil twin we don’t know about? I am not going to tell you, but you will have a definitive answer by the end of the first episode.

Beware of Carrie Cooke

Carrie Cooke wrote a book about the Havenport tragedy. We don’t actually meet her in episode one; her book is only mentioned in passing on a TV news report. But I get the feeling she is going to become important in the series. After all, people who write books in this show end up in trouble.

This season features necrophilia.