'The French Mistake' - 'Supernatural' Episode 6.15

Supernatural Episode 6.15
"The French Mistake"
Written By: Ben Edlund
Directed By: Charles Beeson
Original Airdate: 25 February 2011

In This Episode...

Balthazar bursts in to Sam and Dean's room in a panic. Raphael has put a hit out on anyone that helped Cas escape. Sam and Dean are on that list, and Raphael has sent Virgil to dispose of them. Balthazar gives them a key, performs a quick ritual, and throw the boys through the window.

It turns out the guys have slipped into another dimension. On the other side of the window, Sam and Dean get off the floor and realize they are on a film set. Or, more accurately, a television set. They are actors named Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles who star on a series called Supernatural, where they play demon hunters... well, you can figure out the rest. Here, Jared is married to Ruby (or in this universe, the actress who played Ruby, and who is Jared Padalecki's real-real life wife, Genevieve Padalecki) and the boys don't talk when they aren't on camera.

Dean thinks that they can reverse Balthazar's spell and get back to their own dimension. However, in a world where there is no magic, finding eye of newt is a little more challenging. Then they discover that their alter egos have nearly limitless wealth. With the necessary materials gathered, the boys try their spell. But in a world without magic, naturally, it doesn't work. Virgil, however, does make it to this side. When he sees the boys on set, he tries to kill them - something that fails because of the no-magic zone. The boys beat the crap out of Virgil - a fight broken up by the producers, who think Virgil is an extra.

Virgil sees who he thinks is Castiel, but over here, it is of course an actor named Misha Collins. He kidnaps Misha and kills him in an alley while chanting to Raphael. When Sam and Dean find out, they go to the crime scene. The pair talk to a homeless man who witnessed the murder, and find out that Virgil is supposed to return to the place of his crossing, at the time of his crossing, and he and the key will be returned to their universe. The boys decide they need to kill Virgil and take his place. The risk is that with Virgil dead, their way back may be compromised. Sam doesn't seem too upset at the thought of being stuck here.

Without powers, Virgil has loaded up on firearms and shoots his way through the studio, including series creator Eric Kripke (played by an actor, not the real Kripke). Dean and Sam jump on Virgil, tag teaming him until they have their key back. They get sucked back to their own universe. Once there, Raphael appears and wants his key. Balthazar appears next. The key - and the boys - were decoys to distract Virgil and Raphael so Balthazar can get rid of his storage locker full of heaven's weapons. Momentarily thwarted, they all leave, Cas shows up, and reveals that he was in on the plot. "If I lose to Raphael, we all lose."

Dig It or Bury It?

Bloody awesome. Hilarity abound. I love it when celebrities can poke fun at themselves. Sure, some of the gags were a little cheesy and hackneyed, like reading off Jensen's real bio and playing a clip from his soap opera days when the guys are researching their alter-egos. This episode was one of those episodes that had no real bearing on the overall series story arc - it was more like recess. A fun, silly episode that was great on its own and comes across as a love letter to fans.

Spooky Humor

So. Much. Funny. It is so hard to narrow it down, but two lines stick out. When Sam gets back from an interview, Dean inquires as to why people would want to watch our lives. "According to the interviewer, not many do." But the greatest line (possibly the greatest in the show's history), is a tweet from Twitter-addicted Misha: "Hola Misha-migos. J-squared got me good. Really starting to feel like one of the guys).

Blood Brothers

This week, death came the old-fashioned way: with bullets. Virgil went on a spree at the studio, wiping out at least a half-dozen crew members without a single thought or hesitation. It really grounded the killings and made it much more chilling.


Samuel and Gwen are back to "help" figure out what is making everyone hear things that aren't there.