Game Review: 'Protoslice'


Can't wait for next year to wield the monstrous, bladed mitts of Sgt. James Heller in Prototype 2?  Well, Activision has got you covered with ProtoSlice for iOS, a game that takes the biological horror of the Prototype series and turns it into a…puzzle game.  Huh?

ProtoSlice is literally a reskinned version of SmallBall's Slice HD, a game where players use the multitouch screen to slide a series of horrifically bladed instruments out of the way in order to press a series of red buttons.  Instead of surgical steel, however, ProtoSlice features the bladelike arms of Heller as the obstacle.

While certainly not what one would normally expect—or even want—from a Prototype game, the gameplay is decently fun, especially when the screen becomes crowded with blades (how many hands does Heller even have?), forcing you to press buttons with your damn nose because all of your other fingers are occupied with holding back horrific appendages.  There are also some never-before-seen screenshots of the upcoming Prototype 2 used in between the levels.  This makes ProtoSlice an interesting, and free, experiment in game marketing.

ProtoSlice is available from the iTunes App Store.