Game Review: 'The Walking Dead' Social for Facebook


Because you really need another excuse to slack off at work, The Walking Dead game has finally risen on Facebook. In the casual browser game, you are given missions - like killing walkers and finding supplies - in order to survive. Frankly, it’s not that different from games like Mafia. You have energy that is spent on every move; stamina (health); and attributes like strength and improved aim that can be upgraded after each level.

I am a big fan of Facebook “slacker” games but I cannot get hooked on The Walking Dead. The biggest disappointment to me is that it is a mission-based game in a closed world. So if you accept a mission to go collect food, the game drops you in the “war zone.” Blinking arrows point out the food you need to collect. You can only move so many spaces per energy point. You will face walkers, of course. To attack, click once on the walker. That will bring up a roving crosshair icon. When it turns red, click to pummel the zombie. Each click spends energy.

You also waste energy talking to you your fellow survivors in camp, which is how you get your missions. Before you can go on missions, you have to have a certain amount of... I don’t know, badges? like “morale” which you can only obtain by... talking to people at camp. Interestingly, this is a social game, yet other than being able to exchange daily gifts, it doesn’t seem like there is any way to play or interact with them.

As much as I wanted another Facebook game to be addicted to, this game isn’t it. It is tedious and dull. Keep in mind, this is a “public beta,” so things could change - and I hope they do.