'Going Dutch' - 'Being Human' Episode 1.11


Being Human Episode 1.11

"Going Dutch"

Written By:  Jeremy Carver & Anna Fricke

Directed By: Erik Canuel

Original Airdate: 28 March 2011

In This Episode...

Continuing on their vampire tour of Boston, Bishop brings the Dutch to the vampire brothel.  Bucking modern traditions, the four elders eviscerate every girl in the house.  With their appetites sated, they return to the funeral home to prepare for a great feast - apparently one that is better than a dozen nubile young women.  Marcus takes the time to wheel and deal - first with Agamemnon, the leader of the Dutch contingent, to gain control of Boston by feeding them info on Bishop; then with Rebecca, trying to convince her to team up with him because they were both after thoughts.  Neither deal is well received.  

At the ceremonial feast that night, both Aidan and Marcus have ideas of compromise to save Bishop's ass.  Bishop doesn't want saving, and agrees to the terms that the Dutch laid out: he culls two-thirds of the vampires he has over-populated Boston with, and go underground with them for 50 years.  The Dutch do not react.  They can't.  They have been dosed with a paralytic.  Actually, the girls they devoured were. The effect is only temporary, but it is long enough for Bishop to behead three of the Dutch.  Aidan knocks out Bishop before he can take out Agamemnon, and he rushes out with the elder.  Marcus meets them there, where he proceeds to beat the crap out of Aidan.  Before Marcus can kill him, Rebecca steps in and stakes him.  Out in the night sky, Agamemnon has recovered and returns home.  Rebecca begs Aidan to kill her.  She was never meant to be a vampire, and she wanted Aidan to do it before Bishop and his goons did.  With tears, Aidan complies.

At the house, Danny and Bridget have hired an exorcist, Alana, to rid the property of Sally's spirit.  It all seems pretty cheesy: salt on the threshold, burning sage, weird chanting.  But much to Sally's surprise, it starts to work.  She cannot leave the house, the sage chokes her, and the chanting weakens her.  As Alana nears completion, Bridget begs her to stop, worried about what will happen to Sally when this is done.  Alana can't say, and Danny quickly loses his patience with Bridget, then quickly switches to playing the martyr.  Frustrated, Sally throws herself into Alana, and Alana sees the truth behind Sally's death.  When "Alana" looks up, she is Sally, and Danny loses his shit all together.  He grabs Sally by the neck and tries to choke her.  He throws her against the wall, which causes Sally to separate from Alana.  Thoroughly upset, Alana throws Danny's money back at him.  She won't say what she saw, just that Sally deserves the house and Danny deserves whatever he gets.  Bridget pulls away from a pleading Danny and leaves, but not before giving a sincere apology to Sally.

At the hospital, Josh makes an attempt to apologize to Nora for disappearing.  She doesn't want to hear it, but has her own news: she is pregnant.  Shocked and afraid, Josh asks if it is his - bad move, dude.  If Nora was annoyed before, she is furious now.  Josh is beside himself until Aidan reminds him that he is the one who has been pushing for the two of them to lead normal lives, and this is about as normal as it gets.  Josh admits to Nora that the reason he asked her is because he thought that genetically, he could not have children.  The two bond over screwed up families, and the trust is rebuilt.

Dig It or Bury It?

A great episode.  Very intense, hardly a dull moment, lots of drama, and lots of murder.  What more could you want?  I am hopeful that Nora's pregnancy will change the dynamic between her and Josh.  They have fallen into a rut.  He timidly starts to move their relationship forward, then panics and pushes her away.  She gets pissed, he apologizes, she skeptically gives him another chance.  In my mind, this can go one of two ways.  Josh can finally suck it up and tell Nora about his monthly visitor, and accept her reaction, or Nora won't be able to carry the pregnancy to term  (most likely because whatever heinous violence she suffered has left her reproductive organs scrambled) and Josh will blame himself.  Either way, I need out of this rut.

Bloody Hell

Not necessarily the bloodiest episode, but I think tonight had the highest body count so far.  Three Dutch were beheaded; Rebecca was staked; half a dozen girls fell victim to a blood orgy.  And then there is Michelle.  Michelle was to be the special feast Bishop prepared for the Dutch: a young woman, pregnant with twins, compelled into complacency and laid out for the elders to feast on (before their paralyzation put a damper on that).  What is interesting is that, to stop Bishop's lunacy, he throws the enormous ceremonial table over on top of Bishop.  Michelle goes flying with it, and though she may have survived, there is no way her fetuses could have survived.

Myths Revamped

The "paralytic" that caused so much trouble for the Dutch?  Juniper.  It is slow acting, not permanent, and extremely painful.

Jolly Good Fun

There wasn't much room for humor tonight, but when Josh finds Nora to apologize for the way he reacted, she tells him "You'd better hurry up - I have tons of guys to sleep with."


We get more Aidan flashbacks, and he and Josh must figure out a way to fix Sally who, in the words of Josh, "looks like The Grudge."