'Guts' - 'The Walking Dead' Episode 1.2


The Walking Dead Episode 1.2
Written By: Frank Darabont
Directed By: Michelle MacLaren
Original Airdate: 7 November 2010

In This Episode...

Stuck in the tank, help comes to Rick in the form of a voice at the other end of two-way radio.  The voice - Glen - has eyes on Rick’s position, and advises him on which direction to make a run for.  They meet up and make it into a department store, where a few other survivors (a supply team from the camp outside the city) are holed up.  Gunshots bring the group running to the roof, where redneck Dixon is picking off zombies for sport.  He gets into a racist fight with T-Dog, and ends up cuffed to a steel pipe by Rick.

The building is surrounded and the zombies are making headway at breaking down the double set of doors.  Rick suggests travel by sewer.  Glen and Morales head down, but are thwarted by a heavy steel grate - with a rat-chomping zombie on the other side.  Time for plan B - travel via construction trucks.  Unfortunately, the trucks are several blocks away, and there are hundreds of zombies between the survivors and the truck.  But when the zombies break through the first of two doors, the humans don’t have many options.

They need a distraction: noise and smell.  Rick grabs a previously killed zombie from the alley, and drags him inside.  Using a fire axe, Rick slices and dices the zombie into salsa, and he and Glen spread a thick layer over their overcoats and join the mob.  Much to everyone’s surprise, it works - until it starts to rain.  As the offal washes off, the zombies pick up the scent of human, and Rick and Glen have to make a run for it.  Rick drives the truck back to the department store while Glen drives around in a sports car with the alarm going off like the Pied Piper of Zombies.

The survivors gather their supplies and head down to the loading dock.  T-Dog is given charge over Dixon’s handcuff key, but he trips and loses it down a pipe.  Dixon is left on the roof while the others make their escape from Atlanta.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was another sedate episode, which I think could get old, quick.  The Walking Dead is a brilliantly made show, but it lacks the high-and-low structure of a successful television series.  What keeps the audience coming back every week?  It is certainly not the characters who, though well executed, are little more than a collection of stereotypes.  For a zombie show, it is surprisingly light on action.  It is not a dialogue-driven show, which is what propelled the similarly paced time-slot predecessor Mad MenThe Walking Dead is about atmosphere and zombies.  And while the zombies are exceptional - better than you could find in most big-budget features - I am just not sure if it can sustain at this pace.

Zombie of the Week

One of the zombies figured out how to use a rock as a tool, and uses it to bash through the department store doors.

Best Kill

When the rain washes away Rick’s disguise and the zombies catch his scent, Rick swings his axe and splits a zombie’s head right down the center.  Gallagher would be jealous.

Wisdom of the Walking Dead

“Things are different now.  There is no black or white.  Only white meat and dark meat.  Us and them.” -- Rick Grimes, in regards to racial strife between Dixon and T-Dog.


Shit is going to hit the fan when Rick & co. make it back to the survivor camp, one man down.