'Hello Bandit' -- 'Dexter' Episode 5.2


Dexter Episode 5.2
“Hello Bandit”
Written By: Scott Buck
Directed By: John Dahl
Original Airdate: 3 October 2010

In This Episode...

The fall-out over Rita’s death continues.  Dexter and the three kids are living in cramped quarters with Deb.  Dex doesn’t want to move back to the family home, despite Astor’s insistence.  Astor still blames Dexter for Rita’s death, while Cody clings to Dexter, the only father he has really known.  Panic sets in when the kids don’t show up at school.  Dexter finds them at home, staring at the bathtub - scrubbed clean by Deb and Quinn.  Upset that nothing felt “different,” Astor decides she wants to live with her grandparents.  Cody desperately wants to stay with Dexter, but he insists that he must stick by his sister - just like he and Deb stick together.

Dexter rents a truck to move whatever he can from the house to the apartment.  He notices a drop of blood in the cargo area.  His best attempts to ignore it fail, and he and Harrison test the blood in the middle of a sleepless night.  Human.  Some research into the previous renter of the truck yields the name Boyd Fowler, a dead animal collector for the department of sanitation.  Boyd’s record only shows a collar for assault with a deadly weapon, but Dexter suspects more, especially when Dexter calls in a dead raccoon in the road and Boyd “CSIs” him (“This raccoon didn’t die here”).  His home reveals old lady furniture, a gun, a bolted door, and a lock of hair labeled with only a number.  Dexter follows Boyd out to the swamps, where he dumps a large, sealed drum.  Dexter is interrupted by a call from Deb that the kids are missing, but he returns later - and discovers a young woman’s body stuffed inside.  Dexter realizes that there are nearly a dozen other drums dumped in the same manner.

Elsewhere: Miami PD investigates the decapitation of a woman found in a park in a Venezuelan neighborhood.  The head is set up on an altar, and a local beat cop suggests it was Santo Muerte, but when the woman’s husband shows up dead at home, bullet to the brain, it is assumed to be a murder/suicide.  Batista discovers that his new bride has a bank account with a quarter-million bucks in it.  When he finally confronts Laguerta about it, she admits that she is a planner, a saver, and he is more of a “live for the moment” kind of guy.  Offended, Batista goes out drinking with Masuka.  Another detective in the bar makes some derogatory comments about Laguerta, and Batista beats the shit out of him.  Deb finally acknowledges to Quinn that they had sex.  Quinn starts to get suspicious when he pieces together sketches of this mysterious Kyle Butler and notices he looks an awful lot like Dexter.

Dig It or Bury It?

Slowly, ever so slowly, the season is starting to pick up.  This episode was almost more emotional than the season premiere because the focus was less on the stoic Dexter and more on the kids.  The kids that taught him to love.  Aw.  With Dex getting back to stalking, and the older kids going to live with Grandma, there is a definite return towards normalcy.

With every episode, I fear that Quinn’s suspicion of Dexter will morph into season two’s Doakes debacle.  I need to trust that the writers won’t go down the same rabbit hole, but it’s getting hard.  This Boyd fellow seems like he will be an interesting “villain,” but I suspect he is not long for this world - or at least this show.  After all, Dexter has learned his lesson about keeping psychos alive too long. This Santo Muerte character seems set up to be this season’s serial killer.  I do enjoy a good beheading story.

Out of the Mouth of Masuka

Upon arriving at the second crime scene, Masuka sees the blood splattered on the ceiling and grumbles “Fuck me up the goat’s ass.”  Masuka is not cut out for blood splatter analysis.


Squeezed out of her overcrowded apartment, Deb takes Quinn up on his offer to crash at his place.  When she shows up, he tries to kiss her.  Deb recoils, screeching “What are you doing fuckpuddle?  I am here to sleep; I don’t want to deal with your little sausage fingers all over me.”  Fuckpuddle is now my new favorite word.

Body Bags

Decapitated heads are always gruesome.  Put them on an altar, and they are creepy too.  The woman’s husband’s face was a sticky, squishy pulp.  But my favorite “body” was the blood-filled mannequin that Masuka was testing weapons on.  When he tried the machete, the splatter room just exploded in blood.

Flashback to the Future

When Dexter takes his moonlight stroll in the blood-stained truck, he has Harrison with him, which doesn’t sit well with Harry.  “I thought the kids were your number one priority.”  Apparently Harry doesn’t feel a potential crime scene is a good place for an infant.


Now that Dexter has stumbled upon someone worthy of being his next victim, we are going to get back to that Dexter-y space.  Playtime is over; let’s get to the slashing!