'Hop a Freighter' - 'Dexter' Episode 5.11


Dexter Episode 5.11
"Hop a Freighter"
Story By: Karen Campbell
Teleplay By: Scott Reynolds
Directed By: John Dahl
Original Airdate: 5 December 2010

In This Episode...

Dexter and Lumen are snuggled up together at his apartment, using Harrison's toys to plot Jordan's demise. When the baby monitor starts picking up video transmission from the apartment, Dexter realizes they are being bugged. A sweep reveals the equipment came from Miami Metro, and Dexter is genuinely scared that he has been caught. His only comfort is that no one has seen the footage yet - because they haven't been arrested. Still, he is treading carefully until he can sneak a peek at who signed out the equipment. He is concerned that it was Quinn, until further digging reveals that it was signed out for a closed case from 1982. Dex is relieved - though only slightly - because that meant the investigation wasn't official. No court order, no open case.

Dexter has been scoping out vans in the area, trying to figure out which one is surveilling him and Lumen. He narrows it down to one van, and stakes it out until he sees Quinn going in. The plan is thwarted when "Quinn" gets the upper hand on Dexter - it is, of course, Liddy, who tases Dex and scoops him in to the van. When Dexter wakes, Liddy reveals the video footage he has of Dex and Lumen, promising that busting Dexter will get him back on the force. Liddy calls Quinn to come make the bust with him. He refuses out of loyalty to Deb, but when Liddy promises this will go down with him or another cop - who could make things much worse - Quinn agrees to meet him. Dexter kicks Liddy in the face and manages to grab a knife from his boot. The two wrestle, and Dex ends up on top, sinking the knife into Liddy's chest - just as Quinn approaches the van. He locks the doors, shuts off Liddy's cell phone, and waits for Quinn to leave. Quinn does leave without seeing anything... but a drop of Liddy's blood leaked out of the van and onto Quinn's shoe.

Lumen, meanwhile, is in her own trouble. Emily calls her and says Jordan threatened her, and she is ready to go to the police for protection. Lumen insists that she wait until she and Dexter come meet her. Dex is "tied up," so Lumen goes on her own, leaving Dexter a voicemail. When Lumen arrives at Emily's house, Jordan is there. He has been directing Emily the whole time. Jordan is annoyed that Dexter isn't there and threatens to kill Lumen outright. Emily begs him not to, so he turns his anger on her instead. Dexter, now free from Liddy's van, races to Emily's house. All he finds is Emily's corpse and the knife he bought for Lumen. Rage shows in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Deb and Quinn pay a visit to Dan the Dentist's widow. She is hurt and betrayed that her husband was gay - now all those "man weekends" make sense. She is even angrier when she discovers her hubby was part of a rape club. When asked about her husband's acquaintances, the widow says that Dan and Jordan were old childhood friends - but back when Jordan was Eugene. All the pieces fall into place. Eugene ties Dan the Dentist, Boyd, and the rest to the Barrel Girls. Unfortunately, there is still no hard evidence to tie Jordan to the girls - he never got his hands dirty. With a speaking tour across Europe planned, the only chance the cops have to keep Jordan in the country is with a material witness warrant. They go to the airfield where Jordan is supposed to be boarding his private jet, but the pilot informs them that Jordan never showed up.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was a tense episode, but ultimately just a "stepping stone" episode. Everything that happened tonight happened to set up the season finale. It did a damn fine job of it, too, because I am more than ready for it. I really thought that Dexter was going to spill to Deb about his role in the vigilante killings. She admits to Dex what Quinn had been hiding from her (Dexter's suspected involvement in Rita's murder), why it bothered her (an attack on my brother is an attack on me), and why she is having a hard time forgiving him (she doesn't want to admit it, but she truly cared for Quinn). She then goes on about how her vigilante probably had a boyfriend helping her, and finds the whole thing romantic. Between that, and the admission earlier this season that she didn't feel bad about killing that gangbanger, Deb seems about ready to join Dexter.

One thing that annoyed me was the way Dexter hid his kill from Quinn. For once, he was actually killing in self-defense. He should have let Quinn discover them, play scared, and say, "He's crazy, he kidnapped me, I don't know what he wanted with me." I totally would have bought it.


Deb knows that Jordan is "up to his ballsack" in this mess. Also, by way of apology, Quinn explains to Deb why he loves her: "You are more like a guy. You don't play games, you just say it. Usually with a lot of filthy words I've never heard of."

Body Bags

Dexter kills Liddy in the back of the van, sinking his knife into his chest surprisingly slowly. I guess it was quieter that way. Good thing he happened to be in his kill suit at the time. Jordan kills Emily - it only takes two blows with a fireplace poker to fell her.


I think Quinn is going to get pegged for Liddy's death. I am torn as to what will happen between Dexter and Lumen. A happy ending is not a very Dexter ending, but after last season ended in Rita's murder, Dexter deserves something better than, say, Lumen heading to jail. It would be a good ending though.