Horror Movie A Day Review - The Call


When it's NOT being a horror movie and earning its unnecessary R rating (more on that later), it's a fine thriller in the Cellular vein, with Halle Berry as a 911 dispatcher who is trying to keep a kidnapped girl (Abigail Breslin) calm while trying to determine her location as her attacker drives along the freeways of Los Angeles. Berry's ideas are pretty intelligent - kicking out the taillight and waving, hoping another person will call 911 and report it (and the actual freeway), dripping a (conveniently placed) can of paint out the light's hole to leave a trail, etc. Obviously we know none of this stuff will work or else the movie would be over, but Brad Anderson, if nothing else, knows how to wring tension out of very little, and it becomes the rare movie that's 2nd act is the strongest

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