'As I Lay Dying' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.22


The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.22

"As I Lay Dying"

Written By: Turi Meyer & Al Septien & Michael Narducci

Directed By: John Behring  

Original Airdate: 12 May 2011

In This Episode...

Damon is suicidal. Stefan catches him, ringless, trying to burn himself in front of an open window, and locks him in the cellar while he looks for a cure. Bonnie is at the witch house, trying to find a cure for Damon's werewolf bite. The witch spirits feel like she is taking advantage of them and won't help, but before they close the channels, she overhears a single word: Klaus.

Stefan's next stop, of course, is Klaus. Klaus and Elijah return to the apartment after Klaus goes on a two-day killing bender. He wastes no time in breaking his promise to Elijah. Rather than show him where his family is buried, he kills Elijah, and lays him to rest with them. He shows Stefan the cure the only way he knows how: by biting Katherine's wrist, then healing the instant wolf infection with a swig of his blood. Klaus tells Stefan that he will cure Damon but in return, Stefan must commit himself to Klaus's service for at least a decade. To "seal" Stefan to him, Klaus forces him to drink bag after bag of human blood. So not only did Klaus turn Stefan into a "ripper" and plans to take him on a cross-country killing spree, he also made Stefan fat.

While Stefan is selling his soul to Klaus, Alaric - who has been consistently drunk since Jenna's death - goes to keep an eye on Damon. He does a piss-poor job. Sheriff Forbes and a couple deputies are there to "talk" to Damon. On the way in, her deputies grab Elena in a very non-official way and take her back to the station. Sheriff goes into the cellar to talk to Damon, but he is succumbing to the fever. He throws Sheriff Forbes against the wall and escapes. Hallucinating and looking for Elena/Katherine (the two are merging in his diseased brain), Jeremy finds him and helps him to the Grill. Sheriff gets word that Damon has been found and meets them there. She shoots Damon, but his reflexes are still good. Damon zips out of the way - and Jeremy is shot. Caroline and Bonnie arrive in time to see it all go down. Caroline tries to feed Jeremy some blood, but it doesn't work.

Elena breaks out of the police station and runs into Damon, who has escaped the Grill in all the chaos. By now, Stefan has told her what happened, and she readily forgives Damon. She doesn't even get mad when Damon, thinking she is Katherine, drinks her blood. He collapses, but Elena's concern is for him, even as she tries to stem the bleeding. She takes him home and puts him to bed, promising to stay by his side until the very end. Damon has one of those death bed repentances. He admits to Elena that it wasn't Stefan's fault that he went vamp - he chose to drink Katherine's blood willingly. He admits that he loves her. She knows - and she kisses him sweetly on the lips. Katherine arrives in time to see it (something that she takes pleasure in teasing Elena about, though she does tell Elena "it is okay to love them both. I did."), delivers the vial of Klaus's blood, and tells Elena what Stefan did to save his brother.

Bonnie and Ric take Jeremy to the witch house, where she begs the spirits to help her revive him.  They don't want to help her, and promise there will be consequences. She doesn't give up, and Jeremy slowly revives. Later that night, safe in his bed, he Googles "back from the dead" and admits to Bonnie that he feels "different." Later that night, he hears noises in the house. Investigating, he runs into his dead former girlfriends: Vicky and Anna.

Dig It or Bury It?

You would think that The Vampire Diaries would have blown their wad last week. And yet, they didn't. True Blood has that problem - their finales always feel like watching someone clean up the day after a huge party. I actually thought that there was a chance that Jeremy would have remained dead. Damon, Elena, and Stefan are the only three who are safe; everyone else is fair game for the grave. 

Earlier this season, Stefan was building up a tolerance to human blood. I wonder how much of a tolerance he built up... At the end of this episode, Klaus gives him a young woman to feast on. There is still the flicker of the old Stefan in there.

Not to get too femi-nazi here, but the scene in which Damon nearly sucks Elena dry is an interesting one. It's essentially a rape scene, but Elena barely struggles, and practically apologizes to Damon when it is over. I feel like that should have been a more traumatic scene. I guess when it has been less than 24 hours since you were nearly turned into a vampire and killed - then watched your aunt suffer that very fate - your idea of trauma is a little skewed.

Blood Lust

Plenty of blood to go around tonight. Let's see... Jeremy dies, then comes back. Klaus makes Stefan kill a non-compelled girl - he wanted to watch him hunt. Elijah is dead, but that seems to happen pretty frequently to the guy. We get visits from the dead - Vicky and Anna. 

When Stefan first comes to Klaus for help, Klaus stabs him in the chest and whispers to him, "Do you feel that, scraping against your heart? The slightest move and you are dead." That is just one of the most haunting lines ever from this show. The imagery is powerful and, because I am sick and twisted, is really sexy.

Devilishly Charming

No room for humor tonight. I did like when Stefan locked up Damon, Damon said, "What's the plan Superman?" But I just like it because a favorite phrase of mine is, "What's the plan, Stan?"


The obvious prophecy is that Stefan and Damon will essentially switch places. Damon will be the stable, reliable one, while Stefan is off cutting a swathe of blood across the country. Check back on Monday, when I will have a complete Vampire Diaries autopsy. Where do you think season three will go?