'I Want You Back (From the Dead)' - 'Being Human' Episode 1.9


Being Human Episode 1.9

"I Want You Back (From the Dead)"

Written By: Nancy Won

Directed By: Paolo Barzman

Original Airdate: 14 March 2011

In This Episode...

Walking home, Aidan pretends not to see Bernie getting beat up by bullies.  What he does see is Bernie being shoved into the path of a speeding car.  Threats from Cindy be damned, he rushes out to help.  Bernie is in bad shape.  His organs are failing, and the doctors don't have much hope.  Aidan is guilt-ridden.  He didn't help before now, and he won't help now by making Bernie immortal.  Pornography now being the least of Cindy's worries, she accepts support from Aidan, both at the hospital, and later at the funeral.

Deeply depressed, Aidan falls off the wagon and gets a couple of blood hookers at the vampire bordello.  He nearly kills the first one, and the second is only spared due to intervention by Rebecca.  Aidan breaks down crying, and Rebecca comforts him back towards sanity.  The next day, Aidan is maudlin and hungover at the park he and Bernie played at.  Rebecca checks in on him.  And so does Bernie.  She changed him out of some deluded idea that the three of them could be a happy little vampire family.  Bernie seems bubbly and happy, but when approached by a little girl at the park, Aidan recognizes the bloodlust in Bernie's eyes.  Bernie insists that he would never kill a kid - he is a superhero now, and superheroes only fight villains. 

Naturally, Aidan is alarmed when he is walking home from work and sees the two neighborhood bullies dead in an alley, their throats ripped out by tiny little teeth.  He returns to Rebecca's motel room, where she and Bernie are at each other's throats (figuratively).  He takes Bernie off her hands for a bit and head to the forest, where Aidan will teach him how to hunt animals.  While Bernie is keeping an eye on a far-off deer, Aidan sneaks behind the child... with a wooden stake.  Of course, it has to get worse.  At the end, it is revealed that Marcus is actually the one who killed the bullies - not Bernie.  He and Bishop set it up to frame Bernie so it would break up Aidan's new little family and force him back to their family.

Elsewhere: Sally meets an old school chum via the creepy hospital wall.  He drowned a few years ago, and the two are finally able to admit the crazy crushes they had.  Elated to discover that she can kiss him, Sally and Nick are practically inseparable (literally - when they kiss they turn all gold and fuzzy, what Josh calls a "sex cloud").  But Nick still hangs on to a "death echo" - ever day, he relives his drowning, and Sally breaks it off with him.  Josh, meanwhile, screws up his relationship with Nora by inelegantly asking that they slow things down.  Nora is pissed, and when Josh begs her to respect his deeply personal, private hell, she reveals her own to him: a series of horrific scars over the entirety of her abdomen.

Dig It or Bury It?

Aidan's storyline this week was fantastic.  As my husband commented, "Damn, this show is getting dark!"  And it really was a dark episode.  I'm not much of a sentimentalist, nor do I really care much for children, but even I recognize that watching a child die, then having to kill him again is just messed up.  I've got to say, Aidan is a good crier.  He has a manly cry.  I have no problem with a crying man, it's just that so many of them look pathetic when they cry.  As a kid, the first time I saw David Duchovny cry onscreen, I lost 90% of my massive crush on him.  His cry was a cross between a full-body dry heave and a girl getting hit in the head by a volleyball.  Aidan's cry was deep, it was intense, it was anguished.  The Bernie-goes-vamp story line was pretty obvious, but I didn't see the frame-up coming.  I'm glad, though - it is about time Marcus and Bishop had a purpose.

As for Sally and Josh, this week I found them incredibly annoying.  Sally couldn't "deal" with Nick reliving his death every day, which I don't understand because it didn't seem to be a big deal.  I still maintain that Nick killed himself; his boat didn't just capsize.  And Josh was just so painfully awkward and obnoxious this week it actually made my head hurt.  If we only saw Aidan's story this week, it would have easily been the best episode of the series.

Bloody Hell

Aidan's grief-fueled blood binge was pretty hot.  I fully blame True Blood for equating blood with sex in my mind.  It's not the vampire thing - it is purely the blood.  My parents would be so proud.

Jolly Good Fun

This episode was lacking in the funny.  The closest it got was a response from Josh to Sally, who is asking if two ghosts dating is weird.  "You are a ghost.  Talking to a werewolf.  Who is making egg salad.  I have no baseline for weird anymore."


Josh is abducted by the vampire clan and held captive to fight another werewolf on the full moon, purely for entertainment.