Icons Of Fright Movie Review - The Collection


Sequels can really be iffy to me. They rarely end up as good as or better than the first one, and also usually do one of two things: 1.) do exactly the same as the first and end up being pretty much a carbon copy of the original or 2.) go for a completely different approach and add a new spin to the story/characters/mythos of the first. Whenever movies do the same as the first, it’s pointless and usually leaves the viewer wondering why the hell the movie was made. When sequels do the second approach and come at us with a completely new perspective, it adds a lot to the originals in my opinion, and luckily Marcus Dunstan’s THE COLLECTION does just that. It’s pretty much as different from THE COLLECTOR as possible, and though that might seem like a bad thing to fans of the first film, trust me, IT’S NOT....

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