Icons Of Fright Movie Review - Evil Dead


I’ve been completely behind Fede Alvarez’s redux of Sam Raimi’s THE EVIL DEAD since the moment it was announced. I’m not one to cry “rape!” or get all up in arms over Hollywood remaking a beloved classic of any genre. It’s been happening for decades, it’s going to happen for decades to come, so deal with it. Heck, thanks to remakes studios have given the originals some love with deluxe DVD & Blu-ray editions (MY BLOODY VALENTINE, FRIDAY THE 13TH, etc), so in that regard we should be thankful. Sure it’s a cash grab, but if it gets me a shiny new transfer with bonus features, they can re-do anything they want as far as I’m concerned. Also, it’s backed by Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert, and ‘The Chin’ himself Bruce Campbell; what better way to resurrect a franchise than with the main creators of the original and subsequent sequels?

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