Icons Of Fright Movie Review - Paranormal Activity 4


Here we are; another October, another PARANORMAL ACTIVITY film. The supernatural series has become a dominant, seasonal movie-going attraction ever since Oren Peli’s first film attracted studio attention and spawned into the box office juggernaut that we know today. For years Lionsgate’s torture-horror franchise, Saw like Paranormal, started as a micro-budget indie film), was the reigning champ, and something I had become accustomed to seeing every year. It was my generation’s A Nightmare on Elm Street, for better or worse, and despite the apparent fatigue of ideas in the films as they went on, I enjoyed watching them. The same can be said for PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, which has now reached it’s 4th entry. But like all long standing film series, it’s starting to hit a proverbial roadblock, and show signs of franchise fatigue...

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