Icons of Fright Movie Review - Warm Bodies


Zombies are currently the overblown poster creature of pop culture. From TV, to comics, to video games, and cinema. Zombies, are literally, everywhere. With that mass amount of dead-horse-beating over exposure on so many mediums, the notion of being fresh and original is sadly neglected. George A. Romero essentially created the creatures, and defined their characteristics throughout his filmography. Dan O’Bannon showed us a humorous side of zombies, and fleshed out the motives behind their insatiable appetite. And Danny Boyle somewhat reinvented the undead, making them into rage-filled athletes that prefer to charge full speed instead of a slow shuffle. Those looking for another change in the mythology with WARM BODIES should appreciate the novel nature, but it’s formulaic structure hinders the bit of creativity it had going for it.

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