Icons Of Fright Review - Hatchet III


If there is one constant you can count on in horror films, it’d certainly have to be that evil never dies. It’s a mantra that’s been proven true time and time again thanks to a never ending void of sequels (and our contributions to the box office). Sure, you could shoot them six times, bury their unholy bones, or take a machete to their head in slow motion, but it’s almost guaranteed they’re getting right back up to hunt your ass down. The same can be said for HATCHET‘s hulking slasher Victor Crowley, who returns once more to tear anyone who crosses his path into pieces under the direction of the series’ camera operator BJ McDonnell. It has it’s missteps, but BJ injects some serious style, scope, and an excellent ensemble of horror stalwarts to this latest installment. And it’s the best one yet...

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