Icons Of Fright Review - VHS 2


Last year’s V/H/S took a lot of viewers by surprise. Some loved it for its innovative take on the found footage genre going around these days, and some folks, well…hated it. Everything from “This isn’t scary” to “That movie was completely misogynistic”, it all was said via Twitter, Facebook, and whatever other social sites that people like to express themselves on. Some of the viewers who did like it, however, felt like it was one of the first films since THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT to actually warrant being the type of film that it is. There are tons of films these days about people suddenly finding someone’s footage and suddenly the films turn into footage that looks better than most normal films and has sweeping soundtracks on top of them. With V/H/S, every segment made sense to be filmed, and made sense to have been “found”(via the wrap around story)...

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