'Immortality' - 'Fringe' Episode 3.13

Fringe Episode 3.13
Written By: David Wilcox and Ethan Gross
Directed By: Brad Anderson
Original Airdate: 11 February 2011

In the Red Universe...

At the zeppelin docking station, a man is discovered in the bathroom, dead. He is surrounded by dozens of fat beetles, also dead. Initially, an outbreak or some sort of contamination is suspected, but no one else on the dead man's flight was sick. When a sample bug is taken to entomologists, it takes some research to ID the bugs. They are skelter beetles, a kind of insect that can only incubate inside sheep. Since sheep have been extinct for the last decade, the skelter beetle went with them.

A public call for information on the beetles leads to a scientist who fingers a Dr. Armand Silva, who worked down the hall from him. Silva was on the verge of creating an avian flu vaccine, derived from the skelter beetle. Before he could make his breakthrough, the sheep disappeared, and Silva has since been trying to find a suitable host to breed new beetles. The beetles themselves had to be genetically altered, which made them eat their way out of their human hosts. The team cannot find a last known address for Silva, but Fauxlivia's boyfriend, Frank, runs down a list of supplies that Silva would need to create a vaccine Lincoln uses this info to find a warehouse in Brooklyn where that exact list of supplies was delivered.

On her way to meet Lincoln at the warehouse, Frank proposes to Fauxlivia. Lincoln had spilled the beans earlier in the day, and the notion shocked her. After a few moments hesitation, she obviously realizes that she can't have Peter, and says yes to Frank.

At the enormous warehouse/laboratory, Lincoln and Fauxlivia split up. Lincoln gets trapped in a walk-in freezer. Fauxlivia is startled by a caged baboon, trips, and falls through the floor to another lab. When she comes to, Silva has her cuffed to a chair and forcing her to sip water. As he prepares his equipment for his next round of experiments, Lincoln breaks out of the freezer and busts Silva. Backup follows quickly. Fauxlivia is getting sick, and Frank rushes her to the hospital while Lincoln threatens the antidote out of Silva. Silva assures Lincoln that Fauxlivia needs no antidote, as he is the final test subject. A beetle gnaws its way out of Silva's neck - this one ready to be used as a vaccine.

Fauxlivia's stomach pains? It's a parasite, alright - of the human variety. She is pregnant. With Peter's baby. When questioned by Frank, she can't say that she is not in love with him. So Frank is out, but naturally, Walternate catches wind of the blessed news, and he pays a joyous visit to the mother of his future grandchild.

Dig It or Bury It?

This episode was well done - like they all are - but ultimately the entire episode is built around the bun in Fauxlivia's oven (which was about as unexpected as an M. Night Shyamalan "twist" ending). It was nice to see the red universe's Fringe team being a little silly and a lot jovial, like when Fauxlivia teases Charlie about the entomologist who has a hardcore crush on him, or some of the weirdo phone calls they get in after the public plea for help. The insect story was just a red herring to distract from the point of the episode.

In This Universe....

Sheep are extinct, and people fly on zeppelins instead of planes. Also, I am not sure how Frank failed to notice Fauxlivia's tattoo was gone.


This episode makes me think of those horrible urban legends, where an insect would crawl into your ear and lay eggs in your brain, or burrow into your skin so you can see them wiggling around in there.


Back in the blue universe, the world is starting to "come apart at the seams." Also, Peter is fascinated to find out that Walter does not believe in ghosts - apparently, that is where he draws the line.