'It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong' - 'Being Human' Episode 1.6


Being Human Episode 1.6
"It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Wrong"
Written By: Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke
Directed By: Charles Biname
Original Airdate: 21 February 2011

In This Episode...

Josh's sister Emily comes to the hospital crying. Her girlfriend broke up with her and she needs a place to crash. Josh is hesitant but Aidan talks him in to letting Emily stay a few days. It's not a great time for Emily to come. Rebecca sent Aidan a vampire porno/snuff film (that she insists Bishop and Marcus made her send) in an attempt to drag him back into the fold. Sally can't let go of her ring (even after Danny throws it in the ocean, it comes rolling back to her), and her freakout is manifesting as seismic activity. Josh finally scores a date with Nora, the pretty blonde nurse, and sends everyone out for the night so he can cook her dinner.

Sally, Emily, and Aidan hit a club. Sally meets a girl who died of an aneurism in 1991. This ghost teaches Sally that being a ghost is no fun - but being a poltergeist is. She messes with her ex's head, sending him screaming from the bar. Rebecca approaches Aidan, and when Emily sees the lust in their eyes, she heads outside for a smoke. Marcus finds her out there and offers her a light. Meanwhile, Aidan has changed his stance from "I have nothing to say to you" to "Let's make out in the alley." Although his eyes cannot tear away from Rebecca, Aidan must go home to help out with Emily, and for his own sanity.

Before hitting the bar, Sally had stopped by Danny's house to drop off the ring. Naturally, this scared the shit out of him. When Bridget came home, he accused her of messing with him, and grabbed her violently by the arm. Later on, Bridget interrupts Josh's date - which had turned hot n' heavy - because she wanted to return the ring. "It belongs here," she says. Before Bridget can leave, Sally notices the bruises on her arm, and is concerned Bridget will meet Sally's same fate.

The mood broken, Nora prepares to leave. Before she can, Emily bursts in, crying, shaking, and covered in blood. The two rush her to the hospital, followed shortly thereafter by Aidan, while Sally sits alone and weeps.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am so ready for Sally to haunt Danny. What is the point of being a ghost if you can't scare the shit out of people? Sally may have to cool it with the haunted ring in order to protect Bridget. Overall, I am impressed with the chemistry the cast has together - especially Josh, Aidan, and Sally. There is a certain sense of ease between the three of them; a comfort that extends to the audience. Their timing together is impeccable, making even the most banal of lines feel warm and funny.

Jolly Good Fun

Sally's horrified screams of "She's eating his face! She's eating his face!" while watching the vampire porno/snuff video was pretty good, but my favorite line came from Aidan: "The Vatican tweets. I hate this decade." I also like this one, again from Aidan, who said shortly after Emily's arrival: "What do people like to eat-- We. What would we like to eat?"

Brits vs. Yanks

In tonight's episode, Rebecca was captured on the vampire porn video. In the British version, a vampire's image cannot be captured on video. It was sexier to see her, but spookier not to.


Being Human is now tied with Mad Men for least informative previews. Amongst the scenes they showed: Aidan chokes on a garlicky dish; Danny realizes he is being haunted; and a man asks Josh, "How long have you thought you were a werewolf?"