'Katerina' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.9


Vampire Diaries Episode 2.9
Written By: Andrew Chambliss
Directed By: J. Miller Tobin
Original Airdate: 11 November 2010

In This Episode...

Finally, the whole truth comes out when Elena visits Katherine in the tombs and bribes her with sips of blood.  In Bulgaria, 1490, Katherine gave birth to a daughter out of wedlock.  Her parents gave the baby away and forced her to leave.  She ends up in England and takes up with a nobleman named Klaus.  Katherine quickly realizes that the reason Klaus keeps her around is because she is a Petrova.  The vampire curse is bound with Petrova blood, and can only be broken with Petrova blood.  Human blood.  Katherine makes a run for it, and Trevor directs her to a cabin where Rose is staying, promising help.  Rose is furious that he would endanger them like that, and swears to take Katherine back to Klaus at nightfall.  When Rose comes back, she finds Katherine bleeding to death from a self-inflicted wound.  Knowing what Klaus wants Katherine for, Rose was terrified she would be blamed for her death, so she forces Katherine to drink of her blood.  Rose yells at Trevor for a minute, and when she comes back, she finds Katherine has hanged herself.  Thus, Katherine the Vampire is born.

Katherine has been on the run because even though she is no longer useful in breaking the curse, she fears Klaus will take revenge on her.  She doesn't even want to exchange the moonstone for her release - the tomb is the only place Klaus wouldn't dare enter.  In order to break the curse, Klaus needs a mortal from the Petrova bloodline, a witch, a werewolf, and the moonstone.  Then werewolves will be chained to their full moon curse for eternity, and vampires can walk in the sun, without aid of jewelry.  Katherine offers Elena a hit off her vein as the only way to keep her safe.  Elena is distraught, and realizes that she can no longer blame all the evil on the arrival of the Salvatores; she is to "blame."  Upside: now she can get back with Stefan because the world will still end, regardless of whether or not they are sleeping together.

Meanwhile, Damon and Rose go on a road trip and meet up with Slater, a vampire who has used his eternal life to earn dozens of advanced degrees.  He is also Rose's conduit to Klaus.  A code on Craigslist would go to half a dozen different networked vamps before hitting Elijah and then Klaus.  With Elijah dead, Slater doesn't know how to contact the original vampire.  Elijah, as we know, isn't dead. In fact, he is waiting outside the cafe, spying on the trio.  With a handful of change, he shatters the special vamp-safe glass storefront and sends the patrons - all vamps - running for cover.  Back at home, Rose and Damon end up in bed together - naturally.

Also, Jeremy is kinda-sorta dating Bonnie, in that way where it could be a date, or it could just be friends hanging out together.  A new boy at school, Luca, threatens to get in the way when he and Bonnie start flirting.  But it turns out Luca and his dad Martin are both warlocks, and just looking for a non-judgmental place to settle down in.  Martin has a darker secret though.  Elijah appears at Slater's house, and compels Slater to stake himself.  Martin is there, asking if that is really necessary.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was a great episode.  I love having all this backstory, especially because I feel like we have been dicked around for a season and a half with this Katherine story.  Ah, closure.  You know it is a good episode when your husband starts shouting at the TV.  When the last scene dipped to black, I believe his exact words were, "This show, man... it started out so tawdry, and it has gotten so good!"

Sibling Rivalry

Stefan and Damon didn't even have any scenes together this episode - kind of weird.

Blood Lust

Katherine returns to Bulgaria in 1492, shortly after becoming a vampire, and discovers her entire family slaughtered in their home.  It was Klaus's handiwork, a warning to Katherine.


The show is taking a hiatus until December.  I don't know how hubby will stand it.  But apparently when the show comes back, "desperate times will call for drastic measures."  I am interested in finding out why Martin is helping out "the bad guys."