'Klaus' - 'The Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.19


The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.19


Written By: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec

Directed by: Joshua Butler

Original Airdate: 21 April 2011

In This Episode...

Elijah revives violently and gets sucked out of the Salvatore house - he hadn't been invited in since Elena took over ownership of the house.   Outside, Elena wants to go somewhere to talk to Elijah - somewhere out of earshot of the Salvatores.  She offers him the silver dagger as a sign of trust, and he tells her the tale of Elijah and Klaus.  The two are brothers who, naturally, had a similar feud over Katherine that the Salvatores had.  Elijah loved Katherine, but she was taken by Klaus, who wanted her only to use her.  Elijah was the one who turned her to prevent his brother from unlocking the curse.  

Klaus and Elijah's parents, humans, had seven children, and the nine of them became history's first vampires (a tale for another time, Elijah promises).  All other vampires came from them.  The sun and moon curse was a hoax perpetrated by Klaus and Elijah, figuring that it would be the easiest way for other creatures to deliver the doppelganger and moonstones to them.  And why would Klaus want these things if the curse is a fake?  Because Klaus is caught under a different curse.  His mother had an affair with a werewolf.  Klaus's father, when he found out, killed his wife's lover, which is what started the vampire/werewolf feud.  Because Klaus has both bloodlines in him, he is essentially indestructible.  A witch cursed him, making his werewolf half dormant.  But with the doppelganger and moonstone, he can break that curse, unleash his wolf side, and start his own hybrid bloodline that would rule the world.  So, y'know, at least he has a good reason for breaking the curse.

Meanwhile, Klaus/Alaric screws with Jenna while he waits for his manservant to bring his body to him.  Stefan comes by to protect her and in the process reveals himself to be a vampire.  Klaus/Alaric returns to his apartment where the manservants have returned, and brought a witch of their own.  She returns Klaus to his own body.  Ric gains consciousness for a moment, then collapses.  His fate is uncertain.  Also of note: Damon brings Katherine some vervane so that Klaus can no longer compel her; and Stefan and Damon are at each others' throats - literally.

Dig It or Bury It?

Can I choose the "or?"  This was an important episode plot-wise, and I am really digging the mythology the show is setting forth.  But as an episode, it was "meh."  There was no death, scarcely any action (Damon lands a punch on Stefan, who pounces before they are interrupted by Elena).  I feel like Damon's return-to-bitchiness was sudden.  I mean, I know he was starting to get a little grumpy, but this week, he was like a pissy teenage girl.  Go over to 90210 if you want to be like that. But I'm certain that as the season races towards the conclusion, the battles are going to be crazy.  

Blood Lust

Towards the end of the episode, when Damon is particularly upset, he goes to his room and finds a naked Andi waiting for him.  He is furious because he told her to go home: "You know what happens when I get this angry."  She insists on staying, and he violently rips at her throat, then throws her to the ground before he drains her fully.  With tears in his eyes, he compels her to leave.  That is neither bloody nor lusty (unless you misconstrue his tears for love for Andi) but that is about as close as we got this week.  That scene would have made more sense if he had just drained her dry.

Myths Revamped

Damn I like that mythology.  Klaus and Elijah being brothers is pretty obvious.  Their shared obsession over Katherine has been done to death.  I love that the sun and moon curse was a hoax, and I love the way in which the werewolf/vampire feud started. Now I am just dying to find out how Elijah's family went from human to vampire.  I suspect that may be a season three arc.


Apparently next week, Damon goes off the deep end.  If that means people die, I'm in.