'The Last Dance' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.18

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.18

"The Last Dance"

Written By: Michael Narducci

Directed By: John Behring

Original Airdate: 14 April 2011

In This Episode...

As the school prepares for the Decades Dance (this year: the 1960s), a classmate gives Elena a message: Klaus will see you at the dance.  She has been compelled, and Elena is freaked.  The troops rally to solidify their plan - which consists of picking out the attendee who is not zit-faced and setting Bonnie loose on him.  Jeremy is the only one who knows that this plan might kill Bonnie, until Damon overhears the two discussing it, and Stefan drags it out of a distraught Jeremy.  Everyone is freaking out over Bonnie's potential death sentence, which is old news at this point. 

Klaus has compelled a couple kids to beat up Jeremy and distract the Salvatores while he goes for his prize.  Thinking he is Alaric, Elena and Bonnie follow him when "Ric" says Klaus has Jeremy.  It doesn't take long for them to realize this isn't their friendly neighborhood history teacher.  Klaus's spirit may be nearly indestructible, but his host body isn't.  Klaus has a witch of his own, who casts a spell on Alaric's body.  It won't keep him safe but it will make him much harder to defeat.  His goal is merely to outlast Bonnie in battle.  At first, Bonnie force-throws Klaus easily.  But as the battle grows more intense, Bonnie starts to fade.  She does a damn good job though - by the end Klaus can scarcely get off the floor.  But Bonnie is having a similar problem.  She collapses, Klaus disappears, and Elena and Stefan rush to her side.  Bonnie is dead.  Elena is beside herself.  Stefan can't give her blood - it is too late.  Damon insensitively offers to clean up the body. Jeremy finds Damon after he put Bonnie in the trunk of his car, and tells the boy they need to have a little talk.

Back at Salvatore Manor, Elena cannot be comforted.  Damon comes in and she lets loose her anger on him.  "Listen to me.  Prepare for what I have to tell you," he insists.  Bonnie is not dead.  She cast a spell to appear dead, and didn't tell Elena or Stefan because she had to truly believe Bonnie was dead so that Klaus would believe the same.  Their only chance against Klaus will be a surprise-attack.  Jeremy is with Bonnie, who is hiding out in the old witch house.  He has brought a computer so that Elena can see for herself that Bonnie is alive.  This is of great comfort to Elena, who later apologizes to Damon for her fury.  He accepts her apology but warns Elena that if it comes down to saving her or Bonnie, he will always choose Elena.  Slightly disturbed by his intensity, Elena leaves.  She heads straight to the cellar... and removes the dagger from Elijah's chest.  And waits.

Dig It or Bury It?

Bonnie's non-death was a little predictable, even though this show has never shied away from killing off characters.  The dance scene was very well filmed.  Throughout an entire act, our main characters move fluidly through the gym.  Elena is with Stefan one moment, then dancing with Damon while Stefan cuts in on Matt so he can tell Caroline of the plan.  The scene was a little bit excessive - we already know what is going on, we don't need to be told again and again - but it is  seamlessly done and makes the scene flow.

I like that Elena is turning to Elijah for help.  At first, I thought it was Katherine who was removing the dagger from his corpse.  But how would Katherine have gotten in to Fort Salvatore?  And Elena is so desperate to protect her best friend, she will go to any lengths to protect her.  So it makes sense that Elena would seek help from the only creature who could possibly kill Klaus.

Myths Revamped

Apparently since Klaus is in a different physical body, he can enter homes without being invited in.  With the Salvatore Manor now in Elena's name, the only vampires who can enter are those she chooses - so far, only Damon and Stefan.  But Klaus-as-Alaric enters with no problem.

Blood Lust

It wasn't a particularly bloody or violent episode, but it opens with a bang.  Klaus has kidnapped Katherine, and is compelling information out of her.  "I have searched for you for 500 years.  Your death s going to be at least half that long," he promises.  He hands her a knife and tells her to stab herself in the leg - which she does.  "While I am gone, do that over and over.  If you get bored, switch legs."  

Sibling Rivalry

I suspect that once the Klaus threat is neutralized, the Salvatores are going to be fighting for Elena's love again.  "I don't mind being the bad guy," Damon tells Stefan in answer to why he didn't let his brother in on Bonnie's plan.  "[Elena] can hate me for it, but at the end of the day I will keep her alive."


Next up is another flashback episode, where we will learn Klaus's origins.