'The Last Day' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.20


The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.20

"The Last Day"

Written By: Andrew Chambliss & Brian Young

Directed By: J. Miller Tobin

Original Airdate: 28 April 2011

In This Episode...

Tonight is the full moon, so the safe assumption is that Klaus will attempt to break the curse tonight (he later confirms this by sending the troops a message via Alaric).  Klaus needs to sacrifice a vampire and werewolf, and drain the doppelganger completely of blood.  Elijah's big plan for Elena is that she will drink a a 500-year-old elixir that will allow her to be killed - but also revive her.  Damon is infuriated at this non-plan and storms to his bedroom like a petulant child.  Elena confronts him, and in his insanity he rips open his wrist and forces Elena to drink - the only thing that will ensure Elena survives through the night.  It takes Stefan to separate the two by throwing Damon across the room.  A battle ensues, and ends with Damon impaling Stefan on a wooden table leg (through the stomach, not the heart).  A couple bags of blood delivered by the recently-reconciled Jenna and Ric, and Stefan is okay, but Elena feels violated.  Stefan takes her for a hike, which is where things go terribly, terribly wrong.  Well, not for them.  They have a nauseatingly romantic and sappy hike, during which Stefan tries to get Elena to open up about how she feels about turning into a vampire.  He admits that he looks forward to an eternity with Elena, but he felt it would be too selfish to ask of her.  She admits that she was looking forward to growing up and never wanted to be a vampire.  Stefan doesn't take it personally.  They return home as the sun goes down, and Klaus is there waiting.  Elena goes with him willingly.

Meanwhile, Damon is trying to make up for his colossal fuckup.  He has devised his own plan: capture Klaus's werewolf (Tyler, who came back to town when his compelled mother was thrown down the stairs and ended up in the hospital).  Damon will likely be killed for his insolence, but at least that will give Elena another month to come up with a plan - and get his blood out of her system.  Klaus's witches - including Luka's missing sister, Greta (who was kidnapped but left of her own accord) - have kidnapped Tyler and Caroline and chained them up in the tombs.  Damon drags the info out of Katherine after telling her that if Klaus does the ceremony, Elena will die and come back as a vampire, and then the two will be competing for Stefan's love for all eternity.  At the tombs, Damon kills the male witch guard, with the help of Matt and his rifle of wooden bullets.  They rescue the kids, but the moon is already up.  Tyler begins his transformation in the woods, Matt and Caroline lock themselves up, and Damon gets the hell out of there before he becomes wolfy snacks.

Damon returns to Klaus's apartment, and Klaus is already there.  "I have been planning this for a thousand years; don't you think I would have a backup plan?" Klaus's backup plan is Jules - currently chained up - and Damon, whom he knocks out.

Okay, so the episode winds down, but you know there is going to be a bunch of cliffhangers.  So where are we?  Damon is nursed awake by Katherine.  He is not the backup vampire.  While he was tussling with a changing Tyler in the woods, he got scratched.  The poison was visibly rotting through his arm,  At the sacrifice site, Elena finds Jenna, dead.  But before she can panic, Jenna wakes.  She's undead.  Despite a plethora of vampires in Mystic Falls, he makes one.

Dig It or Bury It?

There were some good setups for next week's episode, but I just couldn't get past the sappiness.  I know, it has to be done.  I know, this show has a large Twilight fan base.  I know that my heart is ten sizes too small.  But seriously, for half this episode, I felt like I was watching a Lifetime show. But with gems from Stefan like "Are you ready to talk about how you feel about this?" and "It's okay; today is about you," even the squishiest romantic would have been nauseated.  

One major logic problem I had with this episode.  If Elena now has vampire blood in her, wouldn't that invalidate the doppelganger blood?  Or is she still "clean" until her death activates the vampire blood?  Elijah comments at the beginning of the episode that, because the doppelganger is a "supernatural" occurrence, John's ring wouldn't protect Elena.  But couldn't Bonnie whip one up that would specifically protect a doppelganger?  She can do it for humans and vampires. On the upside, I feel like they are setting up for a really massive battle for the last couple episodes.  No more smoochy-smoochy; just non-stop vamp-on-vamp, werewolf-on-vamp, witch-on-vamp fisticuffs.  Bring it on!

Sibling Rivalry

The Salvatores are back at each other's throats.  Damon is out of his mind with fear and love that  he makes rash, desperate decisions.  They throw each other around the room. "Admit it!" screams Damon, "You just wish you had the balls to do it yourself."  And yet later, on their hike, Stefan half-defends Damon by telling Elena he did it because he is in love with her.

Blood Lust

They went in to surprising detail with Tyler's transformation.  Lately, it seems many productions have been cheaping out with a lot of close-ups and cutaways (Being Human, I'm looking at you).  But you got to see almost every bone-breaking, joint-dislocating moment of Tyler's transformation.  I must say, it was far more brutal than any throat-ripping - and pretty damn satisfying.

Devilishly Charming

Elena: "Bonnie can't use that much power [to kill Klaus] without dying!"  Damon: "Then I'll write her a great eulogy."


There are just two episodes left in the season.  And next week, the ritual begins....