'By the Light of the Moon' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.11


The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.11
"By the Light of the Moon"
Written By: Mike Daniels
Directed By: Elizabeth Allen
Original Airdate: 9 December 2010

In This Episode...

Tyler is getting ready for tonight's full moon. He gives Mason another call - still no answer. A pretty blonde, Jules, overhears his message and starts to put the pieces together. She comes out to Mystic Falls looking for Mason. When Mrs. Lockwood finds out he is not in Florida like he was supposed to be, the sheriff officially makes Mason a missing person. In the ancient cellar ruins in the woods, Tyler preps his chains and forces down some wolfsbane water. Caroline is with him, and determined to stay as long as possible. She talks to him to take his mind off the transformation. When the pain becomes too intense, she strokes his hair. When the final stages of his transformation come, Caroline has no choice but to leave, no matter how much she wants to stay. When she returns hours later, all is quiet in Tyler's cell. She peeks in - he is still there, alive, and human. She cradles him while he weeps.

Meanwhile, this Jules chick is causing trouble. Damon and Alaric overhear her asking around The Grill about Mason. The two play good cop/drunk cop. Ric drunkenly buys her a drink laced with wolfsbane, and Damon rescues her from "the town drunk." Damon keeps trying to get Jules to sip her drink. She finally admits that she knows who he is, and what he did to her drink. "Tonight is not the night to pick a fight with me," she snarls. Cheesiest line ever: when she tells Damon he's "marked." Damon, naturally, wants to kill her, but Ric talks him down. When Damon returns home, he finds Rose there, armed with apologies for the Elena mess - and because she has nowhere else to go. Damon does not accept her apology, and is interrupted by a wolf hurtling through the window. Rose throws herself in front of Damon to protect him from the werewolf's deadly bite. Damon scares the critter away with a huge sword right through it. Rose begins to heal instantly - the killer werewolf bite was a myth. After a shower, as Damon and Rose are about to get it on, he notices that her bite has turned into a bubbling, infected rash.

Bonnie joins forces with Luka to break the spell of the moonstone; however, it ends up being an illusion. He returns the moonstone to his father, then helps him with one more task for Elijah...

Bonnie has placed a spell on Elena's house, preventing her from leaving. Unfortunately, it doesn't keep goons from getting in. Posing as a historian who is doing research on Mystic Falls, Elijah shows up and is invited in by Jenna, to loan him some of her sister's research. He returns to Elena's bedroom with some insight and a deal. He does not want Elena dead, nor does he want the vampire curse broken. He was once part of Klaus's inner circle, but when his obsession with the doppleganger turned him a little nutty, he cast Elijah out. Elijah doesn't want back in; he wants revenge. The plan is for Elena to live her life. When the time is right, he will use Elena as bait to draw Klaus out of hiding. He has witches at his disposal which will help keep Elena and her friends safe while he kills Klaus. Elena agrees, but on one condition: to let Stefan out of the tombs.

Not much interesting is going on in the tombs. That sex that Stefan and Katherine were having in the promos? Just a vision that Katherine forced into his head. Elijah comes down and informs Stefan that he has been freed - go talk to Elena, she will fill you in. Katherine, however, has not been freed.

Dig It or Bury It?

An intriguing episode, but it didn't stand out much one way or the other. Tyler's transformation seemed agonizing, but I needed a little bit less tears from him. Caroline and Tyler are obviously going to become romantic at some point, and I don't think Matt will take that well. There were some cheesy moments, like the scene with Bonnie and Luka casting their spell - it pretty much looked like witch sex. They were in a big circle of candles, and as they floated the moonstone above them, it shattered into a beautiful shower of fireworks. Nope, no sexual overtones there. Pretty much everyone got lucky tonight. I am still trying to decide if Luka is on his dad's side or not. I suspect that he started out there, but if he hasn't gone to Team Good(ish) Guys already, he will soon. Elena was whiny and mopey tonight, which is becoming a worrying pattern with her.

Blood Lust

Tyler's transformation was pretty excruciating. That boy can scream. Seriously, puts most Scream Queens to shame. His howls were just agonizing, and it was made worse because his entire transformation was sprinkled throughout the entire episode. You didn't see much visually, but the sound effects of bones breaking and popping out of joint were enough.

Myths Revamped

So in this mythology, werewolf bites are not lethal to vampires. However, it is doing something to Rose. Maybe she will become some insane mega-creature - a vampwolf.


Vampire Diaries won't return from hiatus until January 27th. I never thought I'd say this, but I am starting to hate Christmas! My predictions... Jules is going to bring a posse of werewolves into Mystic Falls. Rose is going to mutate into some crazy mythical beast. Father and son will be pitted against one another when Luka refuses to do his father's bidding. Caroline and Tyler are going to hook up, causing Matt some fury. There is a good chance that Tyler will kill Matt, or at the very least, escape his chains and kill someone.