'Live Free or Twi-Hard' - 'Supernatural' Episode 6.5


Supernatural Episode 6.5
“Live Free or Twi-Hard”
Written By: Brett Matthews
Directed By: Jan Eliasburg
Original Airdate: 22 October 2010

In This Episode...

Sam and Dean are investigating the disappearance of seven girls in as many days.  A trip to the home of the most recent missing girl yields an unholy obsession with vampires.  Emails point to a meet-up between her and a young male vamp at a bar called The Black Rose.  The guys scope it out, and see two potential vampire loverboys.  They each tail one of the guys.  Sam follows his into a basement storage area, and kills him easily when he tries to sneak up behind him.

The guy Dean followed out into the alley turned out to be a dorky - but human - boy who does the vampire thing to get laid.  Dean sends him on his way, but is promptly attacked by a middle-aged-looking vampire, who forces some of his blood into Dean’s mouth.  All the while, Sam is at the edge of the alley, watching.  He waits until Dean swallows the blood, smiles, then steps in to half-heartedly save his brother.  The vamp escapes.

Back at the motel, Dean is freaking out and preparing to die.  Samuel calls and says he has a cure as long as Dean doesn’t consume a single drop of human blood.  He is on his way, but Dean is pessimistic, and sneaks away to go say goodbye to Lisa before his change is complete.  Dean comes back, Samuel shows up, and tells Dean he needs blood from the fanger who bit him.  Dean heads out to do that while Sam and Samuel collect the rest of the ingredients.  Samuel knows that Sam let his brother be attacked.

Dean sniffs out the vampire nest, where he is welcomed and offered blood.  He discovers that the Alpha vamp is building a vampire army, holding girls in cages until they are compliant, then sending them up to the goth bar to bring boys down, caging the boys until they are compliant... so on and so forth.  Dean readies his syringe of dead man’s blood, but a drop falls, Alpha hears it, and instantly gets Dean in a choke hold.  A whispery, telepathic voice speaks to the vamps, causing them all - Dean included - to pass out.  While down, Dean has weird nightmare visions - one of which is Sam watching while Dean is changed. When all the vamps come to, it is Dean versus the lot of them.  He takes a breath, and starts the bloodbath.  Sam and Samuel arrive.  They pick their way through piles of vampire corpses, and find Dean in the center of the nest, sitting, using Alpha’s decapitated head as a footrest.

Samuel cooks up the cure for Dean.  Sam desperately wants to know what Dean saw in the nest, but Dean is a little busy.  After chugging the concoction, he projectile vomits black goo into a bucket - apparently the vampiriness.   As the boys pack up and head out of town, Sam still really wants to know what Dean saw in the nest.  They are building an army... and they no longer fear humans.

Dig It or Bury It?

Even though a lot of the jokes were obvious, I dug that the whole episode was designed to make fun of Twilight.  The most recent girl, and the vamp she meets up with, are named Kristin and Robert.  Kristin’s computer password is Pattinson.  Her whole bedroom is decked out in romanti-goth fashion.  She hopes that Robert’s pad is decorated in velvet.  The faux vampire that Dean tackles in the alley is dusted with glitter.  I also love that, in answer to the dreamy vampire model, the Supernatural vampires, well, aren’t.  The Alpha vampire is a middle-aged, chunky guy with Sideshow Bob-esque hair.  And the fangs.  Rather than elongated canines, vampire fangs are long, thin, needly, and fill the mouth, between the gum and the lip.

The idea of vampirism being curable was a little silly, and there wasn’t as much action or bloodshed as I normally like, but the snarky nature of the episode more than made up for it.

Blood Brothers

There were a number of vampy beheadings.  Sam got one in the beginning.  Dean got a number of them in the big slaughter - one of them exploding on the wall beside him.  And there is nothing so delightful than casually using your victim’s head as a piece of furniture.

Sibling Rivalry

Letting your brother get transformed into a vampire is pretty mean.  But now Dean knows that Sammy is not really Sammy... it will be a rivalry of biblical proportions.


Dean is asking questions about his brother to Cas and Bobby.  What exactly happened in hell, and what happened in the year before the brothers reunited?