'The Lost Boys 3: The Thirst' Blu-ray Review


When the long-non-awaited semi-sequel to the cult classic The Lost Boys hit the video store shelves last year, the loyal horror fans gave it a slightly-interested look, if only out of respect for the 1987 original. It’s safe to say that most of those fans were displeased with The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, and that’s me being nice. Truth be told, the thing was a piece of crap, and that’s an opinion from a guy who has no problem recommending, Wrong Turn 2, Death Race 2, and movies even goofier than those. (Part 2.)

So it was with much listless disdain that we (some of us) decided to throw another 90 minutes at the franchise when Part 3, “The Thirst,” showed up. Now, this is generally what’s known as “damning with faint praise,” but the simple truth is that, while still low-rent and endlessly cheesy, Part 3 is a vast improvement over Part 2 -- and all it took was a cockeyed sense of humor.

For better or for worse the series now has Corey Feldman front and center as its lead hero. The knee-jerk reaction to that would be “Ha! That guy sucks! What a joke!” -- and you’d have a point, sort of. But, again, instead of simply rejecting the guy outright, I realized that (despite someone’s insistence that he speak in a really silly gravel-voice) Feldman was actually having a little fun here. And, by extension, so was I. That’s not to say this stuff is Shakespeare, or even Corman, but throughout Lost Boys 3 I caught glimpses of the old-school Corey Feldman wise-ass that I liked so much in The Goonies, Stand By Me, and (yep) The Lost Boys.

Beyond Feldman’s unexpectedly welcome presence (except the voice, which I believe I mentioned was annoying), Lost Boys 3 is typically diverting and enjoyably generic Blade stuff through and through. Some of the action is quick and amusing; some is rather amateurish and silly. There’s a halfway-clever concept about vampires infecting young partiers through raves and drugs and such, but ultimately the flick is just a low-budget action flick with just enough wit and energy to make us feel just a little bit better about the inevitable Lost Boys 4.

Lots of popcorn flicks feel like very expensive comic books. Somehow Lost Boys 3: The Thirst  feels like a comic book your best friend’s little brother cooked up … and it was actually kinda fun to read.