'Lysergic Acid Diethylamide' - 'Fringe' Episode 3.19


Fringe Episode 3.19

"Lysergic Acid Diethylamide"

Written By: Akiva Goldsman, Jeff Pinkner & Joel Wyman

Directed By: Joe Chappelle

Original Airdate: 15 April 2011

In This Episode...

The situation with Willivia is growing more dire.  Bell thought that he would be able to share Olivia's body for a few weeks before she was lost forever.  But with the increased seizures, it becomes clear that Liv is running out of time.  Bell and Walter come up with a plan: instead of trying to pull Olivia out, they had to go in to find her.  Naturally, that would require heavy doses of LSD.

Peter, Willivia, and Walter dose themselves and link their brains up, while Astrid keeps an eye on them.  Inside the shared dreamscape, Walter and Peter meet up.  Flashes of light come from the top of one of the Twin Towers in the form of Morse code.  Walter responds and, believing it to be Olivia, the two head in that direction.  Of course, it's not as easy as it sounds, and the general populace, in a very Inception way, start chasing them.  Inside the building, on the top floor, they step into William Bell's office - and in doing so step into an animated world.  It is not Olivia in the office but Bell, who went there because he felt safe.  The trio decide that Olivia, who retreats when fearful, would have gone someplace where she felt safe.  Peter is certain she would have gone back to Jacksonville.  The day before young Olivia met Walter and William was the last day she felt truly safe, Liv once confided in Peter.

Peter, William, and Walter go to the roof, with zombies hot on their heels.   Peter fights them off while the older men scramble into a zeppelin.  He joins them, but it is mere minutes before an unknown saboteur makes himself known.  He cuts the fuel line then uses a flare gun to rip a hole in the side of the zeppelin.  The man grabs the one parachute in the zeppelin and jumps.  Walter is sucked out the hole and slams to the ground - which wakes him up in real life.  It is now up to Peter and William to locate Olivia.  They head to the military base she used to live on with her parents, and look for a red door - Liv's dad painted it for luck.  The last house pops up red, and Peter goes to the door.  Olivia answers, but after a few moments he realizes that is not Olivia.  A little girl comes to the door - this is really Olivia.  She hid as a child, knowing that only Peter could tell it was her.

Hordes of people are chasing them again, and the trio runs.  Peter is hit by a humvee and wakes up, panicked, in Walter's arms.  He assures his son that Bell can handle Olivia.  The remaining two in the animated dreamscape are still running.  William falls and tells Liv to save herself.  Instead, she stands up to the mob chasing her.  They immediately stop and William tells Olivia that she is her own worst enemy.  But she stood up to her fears, and now she can go back.  In order for her to survive, William must let go.  Olivia wakes up, and everyone is overjoyed to discover that she is just one consciousness.  Later, Peter visits Olivia at her home.  She is not afraid of anything anymore.  There is a certain lightness about her.  Peter notices that she had been sketching the saboteur from her dreamscape.  He asks her about it, and Olivia says she has no idea who that is - but nonchalantly claims that he is the man who would kill her.

Dig It or Bury It?

I was a bit disappointed in this episode.  With the characters tripping on LSD, there should have been more of a chance for weirdness.  The animated sequences were cool, and the real-world bits with the characters on LSD were pretty funny, but plot-wise, it felt like a weak episode.  It was like the writers painted themselves into a corner with this Willivia story arc, and so this was a quick way to get out of it.  It was painfully derivative of Inception.  I have to assume the mystery saboteur will appear again, but even Olivia's ending proclamation wasn't of much interest.  Overall, it was a pretty episode with some good humor, but forgettable plot-wise.

In The Dream Universe...

It seemed to be an amalgamation of red universe and blue universe.  In the dreamscape, Nina is evil and her mech-hand is uncovered.

Walter Babble

Walter was actually the most sane one in this episode.  Among the best jokes were Broyles accidentally dosing on LSD residue, staring agog at nothing, and blowing bubbles.  In the animated dreamscape, when Walter enters Bell's office, sees his old friend, and realizes they are animated, he gets a thought bubble that says "How wonderful!"  Also, at the top of the episode, Astrid decides to fight fire with fire.  When Walter calls her Astro, she calls him Willy.  He does not miss her name again for the rest of the episode.


Walternate starts up the doomsday machine without Peter.  He will become the destroyer of worlds in order to protect his grandson - even at the expense of his son's life.