'Masquerade' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.7


Vampire Diaries  Episode 2.7
Written By: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec
Directed By: Charles Beeson
Original Airdate: 28 October 2010

In This Episode...

The plan is a go.  Bonnie, Stefan, Damon, Alaric, Caroline, and Jeremy have synchronized their watches and are planning on killing Katherine at the ball.  Katherine, of course, has her own agenda.  She brings her own witch, Lucy, to the ball.

So here is the plan: Jeremy tells Katherine that the Salvatores are waiting for her at the lake with the moonstone.  Katherine’s natural suspicions cause her to attack Caroline and force the truth out of her: Bonnie is upstairs with the moonstone.  Katherine forces Caroline to take her upstairs, but it is a trap.  Bonnie has cast a spell on the room, similar to spell her ancestor cast on the tomb, locking Katherine inside.  Damon and Stefan are there waiting for her, and a battle ensues.  Katherine fights mightily, and numerous stakes can’t quite keep her down.  Just as Damon is about to land what would be the killing blow, Jeremy stops them.  Lucy had cast a spell linking Katherine and Elena - any damage caused to Katherine was taken in equal measure by Elena.

While Bonnie is downstairs tending to Elena, Katherine and the Salvatore brothers are trapped like caged tigers in that room.  Stefan tries to piece together why exactly Katherine needs the moonstone (she won’t spill, and he figures she was running from someone when she faked her own death hundreds of years ago), while Katherine tries to pit the brothers against each other.  They are not buying it - even when Katherine gets turned on by the violence against her.

Bonnie can feel Lucy’s presence, and hunts her down.  Bonnie is ready to fight; Lucy just wants the moonstone.  She can sense it on Bonnie.  Lucy only wants the stone so she will no longer “be in debt.”  Bonnie grabs her by the arms, and instantly senses something.  Is Lucy conning Bonnie?  Nope; Bonnie can truly sense trust.  We later find out that Lucy is Bonnie’s distant cousin.  But first, Lucy returns the moonstone to Katherine, making her swear up and down that her debt is repaid.  When Katherine takes the stone from Lucy’s hand, she starts to choke.  The two witches put a spell on the stone (and broke the link between Katherine and Elena), incapacitating Katherine.

Damon locks Katherine in the tomb where she belongs, because death is too good for her.  Katherine begs, pleads, cries, in a truly unbecoming manner, desperate not to be locked in.  She claims that Elena is in danger, that she is a doppleganger and that is why Katherine never killed her.  Damon promises to protect Elena and seals the door.

Stefan finds Elena by the lake.  He moves in to kiss her, but she pulls away.  She is not ready to get back on that vamp.  Elena needs to know that she and the people she loves are safe.  Bad choice - as she heads to her car, a guy in a joker mask (classical, not Batman) abducts her.

Elsewhere: Matt fails in his assignment to get Tyler to kill him - but Katherine always has a plan B, and Sarah becomes the victim that turns Tyler into a werewolf.  Caroline is there when it happens, and she assures Tyler that she knows what she is going through.  Also: Bonnie and Jeremy are getting mighty flirty with one another.

Dig It or Bury It?

Dra-ma.  In a good way.  It was a little bit Ocean’s 11, a little bit Shakespearean, a little bit The Craft.  I love episodes where there is a lot going on - especially when that “a lot” is not smoochy-smoochy.  I am ready to find out exactly what curse Katherine wants to break with the moonstone.  Is she in love with a werewolf?  Nah, she would never be that selfless.  Maybe she wants to put a curse on someone else?  I liked the link between Elena and Katherine.  My husband thought it was ridiculous, but I thought it was interesting - after all, they are dopplegangers of each other.  It actually got a little less interesting for me when it was revealed to be a spell.  Could any two people be linked?

I’ve gotta say, Nina Dobrev does an excellent job switching between Elena and Katherine.  It truly feels like the roles are being played by two different actresses.  Bonnie is grating on me less.  Jeremy looked all grown up tonight.  Lucy’s character felt a little forced - she is an evil messenger for Katherine one minute and an ally for Bonnie the next. I assume she will return (mainly because she said to Bonnie as she was leaving, “You’ll see me again”), and we will find out what exactly Katherine had over Lucy.  I’m concerned that Stefan is going to become too mopey without Elena.  Which is worse: dopey in love, or mopey without?

Blood Lust

Two deaths tonight.  The first was one of the best deaths ever on this show.  Katherine and Stefan are dancing, and Amy approaches to tell “Elena” how pretty she looks.  Katherine says she loves Amy’s necklace - but oh no, it’s twisted.  She goes behind Amy to fix it... and instead wrenches Amy’s spine.  “Paralyzed below the waist... oops, now she’s dead.” She lets the dead girl drop limply into Stefan’s arms as a warning that she will start killing indiscriminately if she doesn’t get the moonstone.  It was so subtle, but so sudden, right in the middle of a crowded dance floor.  Bad ass.

The second death was of Amy’s BFF, Sarah.  Her death is less spectacular.  She attacks Tyler with a pair of scissors, and in self defense, he knocks her backwards.  She slams her head against the desk and dies instantly.

Sibling Rivalry

It’s cute.  Katherine tries again to turn the Salvatore brothers against each other.  For example, when Katherine explains about the spell linking her and Elena, she teases Damon, wanting him to kiss her because “Elena will feel it, too.”  It’s kind of sweet how the boys have bonded together, especially after the first few episodes of the series saw the two trying to kill each other.


Looks like there is a new vampire in town - and he’s got Elena.  The Salvatore brothers go on a road trip to save her.