'Memory Lane' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.4


Vampire Diaries Episode 2.4
“Memory Lane”
Written By: Caroline Dries
Directed By: Rob Hardy
Original Airdate: 30 September 2010

In This Episode...
There is not much action in tonight’s episode, but we get a lot of intrigue.  First, Katherine is back for Stefan.  He surprises her with a silver spike in the back, which slows her down enough that he can chain her up in the cellar and interrogate her.  Katherine insists the only reason she is there is to win Stefan back.  She does share more info about the night of the ball, back in 1864.  She was the architect of the vampire flambe.  She teamed up with George Lockwood to help fake her own death.  In return, she obtained for him the moonstone.   Katherine is truly in love with Stefan.  She swears that back in the day, she never compelled Stefan to love her; the only compulsion came when he found out what she was and freaked out.  Her fling with Damon was just an amusement to her.

Katherine wants what she wants.  She is back in Mystic Falls to reclaim Stefan.  When Stefan - twice - threatens her with a wooden stake, but doesn’t follow through, Katherine takes this as a sign that somewhere he still loves her.  She threatens that Stefan must break up with Elena, or else she will kill Elena’s friends and family in front of her before killing Elena herself.

Meanwhile, Elena is nervous when she hasn’t be able to get ahold of Stefan all day.  Caroline reluctantly agrees to take Elena to the Salvatore residence.  Caroline desperately tries to talk Elena into dumping Stefan, using the age difference, the aging difference, the lack of little Elena babies to convince her she shouldn’t be dating a vampire.  All it does is anger Elena.   Elena walks the rest of the way to Stefan’s house, where she comes face to face with Katherine.  Stefan scares her away. 

Katherine got to Caroline, threatening to kill her - again - if she didn’t keep Elena away from Stefan.  At the Grill, Stefan and Elena get into a fight about Katherine and all the little things that make a vampire/human relationship so tough, and Elena storms out.  Stefan meets Elena at her house - they staged the fight so that both Caroline and Damon would overhear.  If Katherine thinks they are broken up, maybe Elena will be safe for a little while.

Katherine was only partially lying.  She truly does love Stefan - we see this in a flashback - but she is also in town to get the moonstone back.

We haven’t forgotten about Damon.  He attended Jenna’s BBQ with Mason and Alaric with the intention of proving Mason is a werewolf.  Mason finally admits it, but promises that nearly attacking Stefan was an accident, and he genuinely does not want to reignite the age-old feud.  Damon reluctantly shakes hands with him, but later that night, he sneaks up on Mason in a parking lot and stabs him with a silver knife.  Mason is only slightly injured - the silver thing is a myth.  It does not kill werewolves, and Damon has now made an enemy.

Dig It or Bury It?
It took four episodes, but this season is finally picking up.  Surprisingly, this episode was virtually devoid of any action, and certainly devoid of killing, but it was still a really good episode.  It was much faster-paced than previous episodes this season, and we got a lot of juicy tidbits.  Still waiting for some big twists and shocks, but I guess they don’t want to blow their wad.  And I am still waiting for a good girl fight.  

Did I miss something?  Jeremy hasn’t been in the last two episodes.  Not that he really has a compelling storyline, but it seems odd that he nearly dies, clearly doesn’t, then disappears all together. 

Myths Revamped
Apparently vampires do dream (and not of bloodthirsty sheep), as the episode opens with Stefan dreaming that he is with Katherine in 1864 while Damon is with Elena in 2010.

We also learn a lot about werewolves.  For one, lycanthropy is a gene - the Lockwoods carry it.  But just because you have the gene does not mean you will turn.  In a fit of anger and frustration at Tyler, Mason reveals that a werewolf’s curse is triggered by the spilling of human blood.

Devilish Charm
Towards the end of the episode, Damon and Katherine happen to cross paths.  She asks him why he looks so pouty.  “I tried to kill a werewolf.  I failed.  Now I feel like I’m not living up to the version of my best self.”

Dear Diary
Stefan comes downstairs to discover Katherine leafing through his journal.  “It was just too tempting.” 

Mason finally opens up about his lycanthropy to Tyler, while the Salvatore brothers debate on how best to handle the Lockwood situation.