'My Bad' - 'Dexter' Returns for Season 5


Dexter Episode 5.1
“My Bad”
Written By: Chip Johannessen
Directed By: Steve Shill
Original Airdate: 26 September 2010

In This Episode...
Picking up where last season left off, Dexter is in shock on the lawn, clutching Harrison while the authorities swarm around them.  Deb takes them back to her apartment (aka Dexter’s old pad).  When Cody and Astor call from Disney World, Dexter can’t bear to tell them the news (“I just want them to have one more good day”).    When the kids come home the next day, they understandably take the news hard.  Astor blames Dexter for not protecting her mom, and Dexter blames himself for not killing Trinity when he had the chance.

While Deb is prepping for the funeral, Dexter is prepping for an escape.  He deletes anything even remotely incriminating from his computer, and after tucking his kill suit, tools, and slides in a duffel bag, sets his storage unit alight.  Rather than showing up at the funeral, Dex takes off on his boat.  No real plan; he just had to get away.  When Dexter stops at a shack masquerading as a fueling station, he runs into a rude hillbilly.  Of course, it doesn’t end well for the hillbilly and Dex beats him to death in the bathroom.  The brutal, hands-on murder - that completely deviates from Harry’s rules - is cathartic for Dexter.  He returns home, to the funeral, to his new life as a single dad.

Also: Twelve hours into their marriage, and the honeymoon is over for Laguerta and Batista. Batista is mad that Laguerta turned Rita’s murder over to the FBI, but Laguerta was too scared, too close to the case to fight for it.  In a moment of stress and anger, Deb fucks Quinn on the kitchen floor after they clean up the bloody bathroom.  Quinn begins pining for Deb, who wants to pretend that nothing happened.  Meanwhile, after hearing Dexter’s stoic 911 call and hearing about the incident with neighbor Elliot, Quinn begins to suspect Dexter killed Rita.

Dig It or Bury It?
It was a quiet episode - something it had to be to clean up after last season’s finale.  It was a pretty emotional episode, but one that offered some closure.  It’s almost like the audience was holding its collective breath since last year, and with Rita in the ground, we can all start to move on (melodramatic enough?).  Ultimately, it was not a memorable episode.

Flashback to the Future
Much to Dexter’s dismay, Harry is MIA for most of the episode.  He only shows up when Dex makes a kill.  Instead, our flashbacks are of Dexter and Rita’s first date.  Deb set them up, and Dex insisted they meet out in the boonies for dinner because he was in the middle of a hunt.  He does a good job dividing his attention between Rita and his victim.  A timid call from Rita that night leads to another date.  Bringing it full circle, Dexter buries Rita in the dress she was wearing on that first date.

Deb kept her language in check this episode, but Matsuda did manage to bring the inappropriateness.  While photographing the crime scene, he says of Rita: “I’ve imagined her naked plenty of times, but never like this.”

Body Bags
Dexter’s kill tonight was sloppy, violent, and random.  Everything Harry taught him not to do.  A jackass hillbilly at the filling station rubs Dexter the wrong way.  He follows the guy into the bathroom grabs whatever is handy, and bludgeons the hillbilly violently.  Harry finally appears to Dexter, but not to chastise him for losing control.  “This is the first truly human thing I have seen you do,” he tells Dexter.  Promising him that his family is not better off without him, it was catharsis of a sort, and Harry convinces Dexter to return for the funeral, return to Deb and the kids.

Rita’s death could cause Dexter to go two ways: one, into a raging psychopath, killing everyone in his way without regard for The Code; or two, turn him off killing.  He was selfish to want his Dark Passenger and his family to co-exist, but they can’t, and he must choose.  I’m leaning towards path two.