'My Heart Will Go On' - 'Supernatural' Episode 6.17


Supernatural  Episode 6.17

"My Heart Will Go On"

Written By: Bret Matthews

Directed By: Mike Rohl

Original Airdate: 15 April 2011

In This Episode...

A rash of deadly accidents draw Sam and Dean's attentions.  The first three victims in the vicinity are all cousins, so they first investigate the possibility of a family curse.  That takes them nowhere, and a fourth death has no relation with the previous.   Bobby stays behind to drink away the pain of Rufus's death.  Ellen is there to take care of him, while Jo is in California, investigating more accidents.

Ellen and Jo - they died in an explosion, right?  Yup.  Except this isn't exactly the Supernatural we all know and love.  In this universe, Balthazar prevented the sinking of the Titanic, and Fate is now killing the ancestors of the people who sailed on the once-doomed ship.  She is pissed off that ever since the Winchesters prevented the apocalypse, she has been out of work.  Many things are different in this world.  Ellen and Jo are alive.  Ellen is married to Bobby.  The boys are from Kansas, not Ohio, and they drive a Mustang with racing stripes.

The boys have a difficult decision to make.  They must figure out a way to protect 50,000 ancestors from fate, or have Balthazar re-sink the Titanic and lose Ellen and Jo.  Fate starts to come after Sam and Dean for essentially issuing her pink slip - that makes the decision a bit easier.  Cas pops in to save the boys from a gas explosion, and confronts Fate when she tries to drop an air conditioning unit on their heads.  Fate accuses Cas of sending Balthazar back in time to save the Titanic so that he can have the souls of the descendants in his war.  Realizing that Sam and Dean will never be safe until he sets things back to normal, he has Balthazar undo it.  In the end, no one remembers what happened except Sam and Dean - Cas wanted them to remember.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was a really fun episode that had an unusually somber tone.  I loved the idea that Balthazar saved the Titanic specifically to prevent that "horrible movie" from being made.  I hated Titanic, and everyone always thinks that I am just being a hater because it was an impressive feat of art direction, but terrible in every other way.  It was nice to be vindicated.  Also, because the flick was never made, Celine Dion ends up as a destitute lounge singer in Montreal - and Balthazar wants to keep it that way.  

Spooky Humor

Sam: "You totally butterfly effected everything."  Dean: "Dude, what is the rule?  No Kutcher references."  Of course, the Titanic-bashing was priceless.  Like Balthazar saying "Let's agree I did a good thing.  There is one less Billy Zane movie and your friends are alive again."

Blood Brothers

Kudos for a delightful opening kill.  A handyman, working in his garage, has a number or near-misses - dropping a jar of nails, tripping on a skateboard, nearly gouging his eyes out on upturned hedge trimmers.  The end came for him when he tripped over some toys and his head was completely severed when the garage door came down unexpectedly.


The boys head to the old west.