'Naked Ambition' - 'Face Off' Episode 1.2


Face Off Episode 1.2
"Naked Ambition"
Original Airdate: 2 February 2011

In This Episode...

The foundation challenge asks each artist to create their own makeup tattoo, a challenge that everyone likes, because everyone has tattoos. The part they don't like is that they have to apply the tats to themselves. The contestants have two hours for this challenge, which will be judged by world-renowned tattoo artist Thomas Pendleton. Tate won for a deer skull he put on his inner forearm. Not only was his artistry tops, but he considered placement very carefully. Bottom of the heap was Frank, who simply outlined his own blacklight tattoos.

Tate's "prize" was first choice of models in the spotlight challenge. The challenge this week was full body painting on a nude model. Each model came with a background to use as inspiration and turn their models into living art. They had six hours for this competition. The judges did not judge the actual models, but photographs that a magazine snapper took.

The Creations

  • Tate - To go with his rainforest background, he covered his model with flowers and greenery, and gave her a lion mane.
  • Jo - With an ocean background, she made her model into a fish.
  • Frank - Upset with his elevator background and male model, he painted his model into the background, and made him stand with his back to the camera so he didn't have to "paint his wiener."
  • Tom - With an old cobblestone stairway as his background, he painted his model in as the bottom step, complete with hair sculpted into weeds.
  • Sergio - His background was a tornado in the desert. His model was painted like an aborigine, with native jewelry accents and a few swabs of white paint. The judges were put off by the lack of actual painting.
  • Gage - To compliment his museum background, he turned his model into a classic marble statue.
  • Marcel - He painted his model into the background of his waterfall image.
  • Sam - Sam painted her model in a sexy librarian outfit to go with the bookshelf background.
  • Conor - His New Orleans background reminded him of Venice, so he created an aged bronze statue - complete with bird poo.
  • Anthony - He painted his model into the petrified wood background, but left a piece unpainted as she ripped her bark off.
  • Megan - With an abstract background, she gave her model some sexy painted clothing and drizzled her with paint, as if she was creating the canvas.


Jo, Tom, and Anthony were the top three, with Anthony winning. The bottom three came down to Conor, Tate, and Sergio. Sergio was eliminated - he was also Anthony's choice to go home.

Dig It or Bury It?

I am officially hooked on this show. Now that all the rules and set up is out of the way, we get to focus on the fun stuff. There really aren't a wide variety of techniques for applying body paint, but we got to see a lot of the planning process, and how the artists created their work. Plus, naked people for the win. Unfortunately, being basic cable, all the good bits were blurred out until the important stuff was covered with paint. It was amusing to see how uncomfortable the contestants were with the nudity.


Frank has a huge target on his lazy back. For the tattoo challenge, he just traced over his existing blacklight tattoos (done with white UV ink, they are invisible to the naked eye). When the spotlight challenge came up, Frank was the last name called, so he was stuck with the elevator background and male model. He was really pissy about it, and was going to just forfeit the competition. Conor talked him out of that, but he was rude to his model the whole time, and made him face the wall. The consensus around the workshop was Frank's gotta go. Personally, I am glad he didn't get the boot yet because he is the kind of guy you love to hate on reality shows. He's such a douche.


Next week we get back to what you expect from a special effects competition show: aliens!