'Out of This World' - 'Face Off' Episode 1.3


Face Off Episode 1.3
"Out of This World"
Original Airdate: 9 February 2011

In This Episode....

There is no foundation challenge this week; only the main spotlight challenge. The contestants are randomly paired up to create an alien. More specifically, the aliens have to be a potential creature that could live on the newly-discovered planet Gliese 581g, the first planet outside our solar system that scientists believe could sustain life. The contestants have three days for this challenge. This week's guest judge is Michael Westmore, whose 40+ years in effects includes credits on the original Munsters TV show, and virtually every iteration of Star Trek - television and film - since The Next Generation.

The Creations

Frank and Anthony: The guys did not work well together, and it showed in their semi-aquatic creature. A nice airbrush job and an interesting back piece don't negate weird cartoony eyelashes, dull facial prosthetics, and a bodysuit that Frank admits was chosen as a time saver.

Conor and Jo: Jo was nervous about working with Conor, who has had more years working in FX than Jo has had on this earth. After a rocky start, Jo finally spoke up that she wanted to focus on the detail work, and everything came together after that. Their creature was a matronly female alien with a bulbous, ambitious silicone head that came out beautifully, especially considering their time restraints.

Megan and Tom: Another pair that did not work well together. Tom felt that Megan didn't think on her feet, and was panicky about details going wrong. Megan felt that Tom was too flippant about defects like cracks in their mold. Their creation looked like the alien equivalent of a mutant hillbilly, with giant, gnarly clown feet.

Marcel and Gage: The two worked well on a cohesive amphibious albino creature. They worked with their model's physique instead of covering it up, and added unique quills on its back.

Tate and Sam: Sam and Tate created an ambitious, crab walking alien they called a "mudskipper." Their alien was monstrous and creative, and their willingness to take risks made them safe, even though the alien's exterior womb was detaching from the body, right before the judges' eyes.


Conor and Jo's creature was named tops, and Conor won overall. Tom and Frank were quick to throw their respective partners under the bus. Though Conor suggested Tom be the one to go home this week, the judges chose Frank. Frank's reaction to his dismissal was bizarre. He pumped his fist and shouted "Yes!!" At first, I thought he misheard. When questioned, Frank explains that he feels like he has "been taking crazy pills" while on the show. He admits, in voice over, that he has always had "attitude" problems.

Dig It or Bury It?

I was kind of disappointed in the creations this week. None of them really stuck out to me as being fantastic or thrilling. I appreciated that we got to see a lot more of the creature-making progress. I must admit, there was some fun drama this time around...


Frank and Anthony clash from the get-go. Frank wants to do a Buck Rogers-type retro spaceman; Anthony wants to do something more futuristic. Frank gave Anthony the silent treatment for a while - then the fighting started. It wasn't totally clear what they were arguing about; I think Frank wanted to paint while Anthony wanted him to finish the prosthetic bits. There was so much cursing and so much vitriol that I honestly thought it might come to blows.


Next week is the episode we have all been waiting for: the contestants must create their own horror movie villain!