'Plan B' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.6


The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.6
“Plan B”
Written By: Elizabeth Craft & Sara Fain
Directed By: John Behring
Original Airdate: 21 October 2010

In This Episode...

The town is preparing for the annual Lockwood masquerade ball.  Elena and Stefan are trying to keep up the “we’re fighting” ruse and Bonnie is still distrusting of her friends.  A talk with Elena helps her get past a little of that. 

Mason bumps into Bonnie accidentally, and she has a vision of him kissing Elena.  She tells Stefan, who instantly puts it together.  It is Katherine that Mason was kissing.  The game changes at this point, as now Stefan and Damon are a step ahead of Katherine.  The boys convince Bonnie to do her head bursty thing on Mason so that they can capture him and take him back to the house.  When Damon ties Mason up, Bonnie reads Mason’s mind, and figures out that he hid the moonstone in an abandoned well.  She texts this info to Stefan, who is back at the Lockwood mansion.  Stefan takes off for the woods, motioning for Elena not to follow.  Feeling left out, she does anyway.

At the well, Stefan leaps in, only to discover the well water has been poisoned with vervane.  Caroline comes running when she hears Elena’s panicked screams.  Using her super vampire strength, she lowers Elena into the well on a giant chain that happens to be lying there.  In the well, she trades places with Stefan and has Caroline hoist him up while she hunts down the moonstone.

Over at the Salvatore home, Damon is torturing info out of Mason.  He finally admits that he wants the moonstone so that Katherine can help him break his curse and they can be together - they are in love.  Damon laughs, pities Mason, and kills him.  Spying Mason’s cell phone, Damon calls back the last number dialed, expecting Katherine.  He taunts her with the death of her new boytoy.  Katherine assures Damon that she has a plan B.

Her plan B involves Elena, Jenna... and a knife.  She broke into the Gilbert house, removed all the vervane, and compelled Jenna.  Katherine calls Elena so that she can hear her reaction when Jenna stabs herself in the stomach with a large kitchen knife.  Jenna will pull through, but Elena is spooked, and breaks up with Stefan for real.

Also: Caroline finally gets her mother to listen to her.  They bond, and her mother insists that she doesn’t need to be compelled.  Caroline trusts her, but knows that her mom could never trust “them.”  So she compels her.  And Katherine, having lost her werewolf, needs a new one, and compels Matt into antagonizing Tyler until he kills him.

Dig It or Bury It?

Oooh, this was a good episode.  It was a brutal episode.  I don’t think I have ever seen such intense torture on network television.  I honestly did not see it coming that Jenna would be compelled to stab herself.    It was an intense episode, with lots of darkness, and not too much mushy-gushy stuff, save for at the beginning, where Elena wakes up with Stefan and Katherine wakes up with Mason.  Of course, that is tempered by some morning lovin’ so it wasn’t too bad.

But seriously, is there ever an episode where there isn’t a town function?  Is that what it is like to live in a small town?

Blood Lust

Brutal.  Damon takes his time torturing Mason, first testing his pain tolerance with a red hot poker against the skin.  His tolerance is low, and he heals quickly, so Damon continues teasing him and stabbing him with it, until Jeremy brings him something better: wolfsbane.  He found it amongst Isabel’s belongings, so Damon gives it a try.  Brushing it across Mason’s cheek causes severe burning, but he still won’t talk.  So Damon shoves the wolfsbane into his mouth.  Mason’s mouth foams and drools, but still he won’t spill.  When Damon is about to rub it into Mason’s eye, then he talks.  When Damon then gets all he can out of Mason, he tells him that Katherine will just rip out his heart... so let me save her the trouble.  And he reaches in and rips out Mason’s heart with his bare hand.

When Stefan falls into the vervane well, the results are instant.  His skin boils and peels and bleeds like he has fallen into acid, and in mere seconds he looks like a zombie.

Devilish Charm

Is it wrong that I found Damon sexy while he was torturing Mason? 

Dear Diary

Sorry folks, but Stefan is not a good cryer.  He looks creepy and constipated.  The only other actor I’ve seen who cried and looked worse was David Duchovny.  Any time he cries in a scene, I just giggle.  Or it could be because I have no soul.

It’s time for the masquerade ball, and Katherine is going as Elena.  This is going to get complicated.