'Practically Perfect' -- 'Dexter' Episode 5.3


Dexter Episode 5.3
“Practically Perfect”
Written By: Manny Coto
Directed By: Ernest Dickerson
Original Airdate: 10 October 2010

In This Episode...

Things are starting to get back to normal in the Morgan household.  Dexter hires a too-good-to-be-true nanny, and he sets about stalking Boyd.  Posing as a Darrell Tucker, Dexter “bumps into” Boyd at a cafe.  The two get to talking and Dex mentions he is looking for a job.  Boyd invites him on a ride along to see if scraping roadkill is his true calling.  Dexter uses this ride along to scope out a good kill room, and settles on an abandoned visitors center in the woods.  The next day, Dex calls in a dead gator on Boyd’s route, then goes with him to collect it.  Dexter injects Boyd with the sedative, but Boyd does the same, shooting Dexter with an animal tranquilizer.  A passing motorist spots the two and calls the paramedics.  Dexter’s syringe wasn’t found at the scene, but Boyd, killer that he is, recognizes what is going on and plays along with the hunting accident story.  At the hospital, Boyd plans on confronting Dexter, but Dex slips out to meet Boyd at his home.  Dexter ambushes Boyd at his house with the sedative, and this time it takes. Dexter kills Boyd in his own dining room, a makeshift kill room.  As he cleans up, he hears a noise.  Locked in a pantry, one of Boyd’s victims is still alive - and she saw everything. 

On the Santa Muerte case, Deb hooks up unwillingly with a beat officer who is local to the neighborhood.  The uniform checks in with the owner of an icon shop, who admits he has seen some “criminal types” around his shop.  This admission gets him killed the next day, head severed and set up on an altar.

Also:  Quinn is secretly coordinating with the FBI to speak to Arthur Mitchell’s family before they go into witness protection.  He wants to show them some pictures to get an ID on “Kyle Butler.”  At the same time, he is still trying to sweet talk Deb.  Laguerta and Batista seem to have worked through their rocky patch -- until Laguerta gets a courtesy visit from Internal Affairs.  Lopez, the cop Batista beat up in the bar last week, is in the hospital with internal bleeding, and IA is going to open up an investigation against Batista for assault with a deadly weapon.  If Lopez doesn’t recover, the charges are going to get worse.

Dig It or Bury It?

I’m pleased that the requisite mourning is over.  The characters had to mourn Rita; the audience had to mourn Rita.  Now let’s get back to the Dexter-y goodness.  While I think that Boyd could have been a good nemesis for Dexter, I am glad he was disposed of early on.  Too much more, and it could have fallen down the path of previous seasons, where Dexter always seems to fall in with the wrong crowd.  This angle with Dexter and Boyd’s victim Lumens (Julia Stiles’s mysterious role revealed!) is fascinating.  She saw him kill Boyd, yet he was also her savior.  I suspect that after the initial sparkle of heroism wears off, Lumens will start asking questions.

Deb offers a throwaway line halfway through the episode, inquiring to Dexter as to why Sonia the nanny left Ireland.  Are they planning some IRA backstory that will put Harrison in danger?


Quinn is teasingly counting the days since he and Deb had sex.  “Shit on your face!  Don’t ever use terms like ‘we’ or ‘marriage.’”  Less awesome, but still fun, Deb uses the term “ape-ass crazy” to describe how the rookie cop is making her feel.

Body Bags

The two deaths in tonight’s episode - the icon shop owner and Boyd - were a little uneventful.  The shopkeep’s head was set up on an altar.  Boyd was stabbed violently in the chest, but the focus in that scene was really on Boyd’s victim.

Flashback to the Future

Harry shows up when Dexter is scouting his original kill room.  He is there both to offer support and guidance - and a little bit of nagging.  Harry reminds Dexter that it is important to do this kill right.  It is the first since the impetuous bathroom kill.


The Irish nanny just can’t be as perfect as she seems.  Has a lifetime of horror movies jaded me so?  Also, I am dying to see how Julia Stiles’s character plays out.