'The Return' of 'Vampire Diaries' - Episode 2.1


Vampire Diaries Episode 2.1
“The Return”
Written By: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec
Directed By: J. Miller Tobin
Original Airdate: 9 September 2010

In This Episode...

In True Blood-style, season two of Vampire Diaries opens up exactly where season 1 ended: with Elena discovering Uncle John bleeding to death.  Katherine hovers menacingly, but departs before Elena can see her.

While the paramedics are wheeling out Uncle John, Stefan and Elena check on Jeremy.  He wakes with a start, and admits what he did.  Stefan confirms that Jeremy did not actually transition; the vampire blood he ingested actually counteracted the pills he took.

Everyone converges on the hospital.  Bonnie and Matt are worried about Caroline, in critical condition.  Damon is called in by the Sheriff, and Elena arrives to check up on John.  Damon offers his blood to Caroline for a quick recovery.  Elena doesn’t want him to, but it is Bonnie who gives him the go-ahead.  Not so that they are “square,” but so that Caroline will live.  Damon wants to talk to Elena about their kiss on the porch, which confuses her.  When Jenna shows up and insists that she told a confused Elena where she had been, the pieces finally come together for Damon: he had kissed Katherine.  Katherine, meanwhile, has gone back to Elena’s house, where Stefan “babysits” Jeremy.  Stefan immediately recognizes that it is not Elena in his arms, but she leaves when Damon and the real Elena arrive.

The next morning, Bonnie checks in on Caroline, who has made a miraculous recovery.  She then heads over to the Lockwood estate, where the memorial for the mayor is a gala affair and more mistaken identity hijinx ensue.  Bonnie realizes she is not hugging Elena the moment they touch, and a quick call to Elena confirms that.  Katherine sneaks up on Bonnie, whose magic vampire brain meld doesn’t work on Katherine - she is too old and powerful.  Stefan walks in and lures Katherine away.

Outside, Katherine flirts and Stefan rebuffs.  She finally admits she came back for him.  When Stefan tells her he hates her, Katherine becomes enraged and stabs him through the gut with something or other that was lying around.  It wasn’t lethal.  When Damon and Elena find him later, Damon “lets slip” that he and Katherine-as-Elena kissed.  He got the reaction he wanted from Stefan: anger that he would make a move on his girl.  But Stefan won’t fight him; the only way they can beat Katherine is by sticking together.

Katherine shows up at the Salvatore home to “say goodbye” to Damon.  Damon can’t decide if he wants to kill her or fuck her.  Guess which he chooses?  Crazy vampire throw-you-around-the-room foreplay begins, but Damon stops it so he can finally get the truth about Katherine’s relationship with the Salvatore brothers.  She admits that she never loved Damon; it was always Stefan.  Whatever sanity Damon may have had left is gone, and he spirals out of control.

Drunk, Damon surprises Elena in her bedroom.  He is desperate to convince Elena there there is something between them, and kisses her.  She pulls away but Damon won’t take no for an answer.  Jeremy interrupts the would-be rape.  In a rage, Damon snaps Jeremy’s neck and zooms away.  Elena holds her little brother, weeping and vowing her hatred for Damon until Jeremy snaps awake, panicked and wild-eyed.

Also: Tyler’s older “black sheep” brother rolls back into town, confirming the “Lockwood curse” (aka, they are werewolves).  Stefan gives John some of his blood at the hospital, and threatens that if he doesn’t leave town in the next 24 hours, Stefan will kill him, turning John into the thing he hates most.  John takes the threat seriously, but not before he gives Jeremy the Gilbert ring of protection.  And Katherine doesn’t leave town.  She visits Caroline in the hospital and introduces herself.  She has a message for the Salvatore brothers: “Game on.”  She suffocates Caroline with a pillow.

Dig It or Bury It?

As should be expected, the start of a new season of such a soapy show had to have a lot of exposition.  A lot of loose ends from season one had to be tied up, before new loose ends can appear.  Even still, it was a predictable episode with a few too many “mushy-gushy feelings” scenes.  The last 10 minutes saved the episode from being a total loss.  The action picked up, those ends began to unravel, and intrigue returned to Mystic Falls.  I am officially ready for the season to unspool.

Caroline we know still has Damon’s blood in her, so she will come back as a vampire.  Jeremy’s situation is a little stickier, as I cannot keep track of time in TV shows.  Does he still have any of Anna’s blood in his system?  Or was it the Gilbert ring that saved him?

Blood Lust

A bloodless episode, this week was more about setting up for the rest of the season.  Jeremy’s murder was quick but surprisingly violent.  Caroline’s was not particularly violent, and not surprising.  Hell, I’m surprised someone hadn’t smothered her before this episode.

Devilish Charm

While Damon was busy playing wounded vampire most of this episode, Katherine was the saucy troublemaker this week.  She made no attempt to hide her attraction to Matt.  I imagine that the only reason she didn’t play a little grab-ass with him was because she was too distracted by ruining the Salvatores.


I feel fairly confident that Jeremy is not a vampire.  I believe the Gilbert crest saved him on this one.  I am eager to see “super-bad” Damon this season.  Last season he was just kind of mischievous; I see him going Angelis-mad this season.  Bring it on!