Review: 'Resident Evil: First Hour' Episode 1


Fan films are a very mixed bag, both blessing and befouling the internet with their treatment of the source material that inspires them.  Sometimes you luck out and get pieces like Sandy Collora's Batman: Dead End, a short that pits the Dark Knight against the Joker, a pack of Aliens, and a tribe of Predators.  Other times, you get pieces like the Star Wars-inspired Dark Betrayalwell, just watch for yourself.

Now we've got Resident Evil: First Hour, a prequel miniseries detailing the events that led up to the Raccoon City incident that took place during Resident Evil 2, presented by the folks at Machinima.  Check out the first episode, and my impressions, after the break.

The first episode details Leon Kennedy's first day on the job with the RPD, where he's having difficulty being taken seriously by the higher-ups.  Within minutes of arriving at the station, a call goes out for a situation at a local farm house, where Leon finds the undead roots behind the problem.

While this first episode feels pretty decompressed (there are lots of meandering shots of nothing scattered around the 6 minute runtime), there's a surprising amount of production value onscreen.  James Whitwell, who portrays Leon, does a commendable job hitting all the right notes (even if his hair does look rather ridiculous), and the final shot that pays homage to the first Resident Evil game gave me goosebumps.  Hopefully that sets the pace and tone for the rest of the series, which will be airing over the next three weeks on Tuesday at Machinima's Youtube channel.