'Rose' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.8


Vampire Diaries Episode 2.8
Written By: Brian Young
Directed By: Liz Friedlander
Original Airdate: 4 November 2010

In This Episode...

Naturally, when Stefan discovers that Elena is missing, he goes after her, Damon in tow.  Bonnie casts a tracking spell to find out where Elena is.  Luckily it is in a remote area, with nothing but a decaying gothic mansion.

Elena has been kidnapped by Trevor and Rose, a pair of British vamps at least 500 years old.  They owe a debt to Elijah, one of the original vampires.  They were tasked with bringing him Katherine back when she was Katerina.  Katherine is a doppelganger, and sacrificing a doppelganger can break the vampire curse.  Obviously, that didn't work out, so Trevor and Rose have been on the run ever since.  Elena is also a doppelganger, so presenting her to Elijah should bring them pardons.

Elija is pleased with Elena, but that pleasure is short-lived.  Damon and Stefan come in.  They are no match for the stronger elijah, so they use distraction to blitz Elijah.  This seems to work, and Damon spears him to the wall with a coatrack-turned-stake.  He thinks that Elena is thanking him, but she is talking to Stefan.

With Elena safe at home, Damon surprises her by returning her vervane necklace, which Elijah had torn off her.  Before he gives it back, he must tell her something, which makes Elena suspicious.  He admits to her that he is in love with her but doesn't deserve her - Stefan does.  He kisses her tenderly on the forehead and though he wishes she could remember, he compels the words out of her.

Rose pays Stefan a visit.  She is tired of running, but has no place to go.  Stefan doesn't want to help her, but she thinks they need her help.  Elena is not safe; Klaus, the original vampire, is coming for her.  And back at the mansion, after several hours on the door, Elijah is revived, unstakes himself, and walks away, good as new.

Dig It or Bury It?

I can't quite put my finger on it, but this episode felt like it had pacing issues.  For example, it felt like the scenes where Elena was trying to interrogate Rose went on forever with no conclusion, while the action scenes seemed to be over in a second.  Maybe because they were just more interesting.  It felt like Elijah, for such a powerful vampire, was felled with relative ease.  I choose to believe he gave up, knowing he wouldn't die, so as to prolong the chase.

Blood Lust

Trevor apologizes to Elijah for losing Katherine on his watch.  Elijah assures him he is forgiven, then swiftly smacks him across the face.  Trevor's head is knocked clean off, rolling across the floor, while blood spurts from his neck hole.  Suh-weeet.

Also dead is the lackey who was sent to kidnap Elena.  When he met Trevor in a field, he put Elena in Trevor's trunk.  Trevor then lured the lackey to lean closer, and Trevor tears out his throat violently, right through the half-open car window.

Sibling Rivalry

It's nice that Damon has finally let go of his love for Elena. Not so much because I think Elena and Stefan should be together forever or anything girly like that.  I just don't want to watch more wooing.


Klaus is coming, Katherine is back, and apparently Elena will be killed unless she drinks Katherine's blood and returns as a vampire (which, of course, is merely there for shock value).