'The Sacrifice' - 'Vampire Diaries' Episode 2.10

The Vampire Diaries Episode 2.10
"The Sacrifice"
Written By: Caroline Dries
Directed By: Ralph Hemecker
Original Airdate: 2 December 2010

In This Episode...

Damon and Stefan meet with Bonnie and Jeremy to devise a plan. If they can get the moonstone, they can destroy the spell that binds werewolves and vampires. They need Bonnie to unseal Katherine's tomb long enough for one of them to get in, get the moonstone, and get out. Using an old photograph that used to be Katherine's Bonnie creates an ash that, when dusted over Katherine, will immobilize her for a minute or two. During that time, Bonnie will unseal the tomb so one of the Salvatores can dash in. Jeremy is concerned about this plan, fearing that Bonnie isn't strong enough to pull it off without killing herself. Jeremy steals some of the ashes and goes to the tombs alone. He dusts it over Katherine and runs in to grab the stone. The ash wears off before he can get out. She drinks deeply from Jeremy, who manages to throw the moonstone to safety.

Stefan, Damon, and Bonnie arrive and discover Jeremy tight in Katherine's clutches. She is strong now, having fed. Safety from Klaus is horribly boring, so she wants her freedom back. Knowing that Jeremy is wearing his magic invincibility ring, she promises to "play" with him until they can break her out of the tomb. The day before, Luka had shown Bonnie how to channel another witch to increase her strength, so she does just that, using Luka's misplaced dog tags as a talisman. Even still, Bonnie is not strong enough, and she collapses. Mocking their weakness, Katherine moves to bite Jeremy. Enraged, Stefan jumps into the tomb and throws Jeremy clear, but now he is trapped in the tomb.

Elena convinces Rose to take her to see Slater. The two arrive at his apartment to find him already dead. Slater's goth, human girlfriend Alice is hiding in the bedroom. Rose tells Elena that Alice is a vamp groupie; she was only dating Slater to get him to turn her, so she uses this desire against her: hack into Slater's password-protected computer and Rose will turn you. She eagerly obliges, and finds a contact that could likely get a message to Klaus. The message: the doppleganger is ready to surrender. Rose is horrified at this, and slips away to call Damon and alert him.

Damon arrives, furious with Elena. She whines and fights like a petulant child, but Damon doesn't relent. Klaus's goons show up, but they have been tailed - by Elijah. Seeing Elena is safe with a Salvatore, he kills the goons and leaves.

Also: Tyler is preparing himself for his first full moon, and Caroline insists on helping him. When she went through her first change, she was alone and she killed someone. She doesn't want that to happen to Tyler. Luka's dad, Jonas, broke into Elena's room to steal some personal effects that he later used with Elijah to cast a location spell on her. Jonas is none too happy to hear that Luka has become friends with Bonnie, even though he told him to "bond" with her. Elijah tells Jonas that right now, Elena was safe, and that was the most important thing.

Dig It or Bury It?

I felt like there were three distinctly separate story lines here. Each was a stand-alone thread, so it felt like three stories that were all truncated to fit into the time slot of just one. I left a lot to be desired. Elena slipped into territory that had been refreshingly absent until this episode: she became a whiney martyr. And wow, was it obnoxious. She seemed to have some misguided notion that if she gave herself over to Klaus, her family and friends would be safe. The more I reflect on this episode, the more I feel like the bulk of it was... dull. Unnecessary. Another point against this episode is a truly heinous cover of Garbage's "Only Happy When it Rains." But I feel like they are building to something, and the show rarely disappoints, so I will reserve any further judgement.

Why is it that Stefan could enter the tomb, but not leave? Is the seal like one of those humane rat traps where you can enter one way, but it locks shut on the other side? I guess it is the same reason that the Salvatores have super-human speed, yet when Elena was kidnapped, they took a road trip to rescue her.

Dear Diary

Hey look - more diaries! Tonight, Caroline and Tyler find Mason's journal, detailing everything about his transformation - including a flash drive which contains footage of Mason's entire, painful transformation.

Blood Lust

This episode lacked in the blood n' violence department, but Elijah did a wicked Temple of Doom impression when he ripped out the goons' hearts, swiftly, simultaneously, one in each hand.


Katherine is back to her old mind games with Stefan. "Do you really think Damon will rush to rescue you?" she purrs. "He has what he wants." What he wants, of course, being Elena. And then, just to tease (and make the teens scream), they throw in a shot of Katherine and Stefan half-naked and going at it.