Shock Till You Drop Movie Review - The Aggression Scale


Newlyweds Bill and Maggie move to the country to start a new life. They are joined by Bill's son Owen and Maggie's daughter, Lauren. It seems, however, that the family left some loose ends behind in the city. Those loose ends catch up to them when crime syndicate boss, Mr. Bellavance, sends a group of his men to the family's new home to teach them a lesson. However, Mr. Bellavance was not counting on Owen. Owen is like MacGyver, if MacGyver were fifteen and a sociopath. He has some tricks up his sleeve and gives Bellavance's thugs a run for their money. I watch a lot of movies that I don't care too much for. It’s almost a rarity that I watch something I actually enjoy. So, it's always a pleasant surprise when I get to see something that stands out....


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