Some Girls Wander by Mistake: A Look at


While I’ve certainly seen art house horror on DVD or in the theater, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone try to pull off that sort of vibe in the realm of video games.

Enter Tale of Tales, a company whose previous efforts were less about traditional gameplay ideals and more about involving the player completely in the world they constructed.  Be it an MMO where you play a human-faced deer (Endless Forest) or an “interactive painting” of an old woman in a cemetery (The Graveyard), their concepts are peculiar but wholly involving.

Their track record of high-concept uniqueness continues with The Path, a “game” retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood, albeit with six sisters instead of the lone heroine of the original, each charged with taking the path to Grandmother’s house.  Of course the story, and thus the game, would be pretty dry if Red stuck to the path…  To explain any more would be criminal, so instead I point you to the game’s trailer.

Additional info can be found at Grandmother’s House (which is almost as haunting as the game itself) as well as Tale of Tales’ developer blog.

The Path will be available for download on March 18th for $9.99 via the game’s website, Steam, and Direct2Drive for Windows XP and Vista.  Keep your eyes on FEARnet for a full review!