'Something to Watch Over Me' - 'Being Human' Episode 1.3


Being Human Episode 1.3
"Something to Watch Over Me"
Written By: Jeremy Carver & Anna Fricke
Directed By: Jerry Ciccoritti
Original Airdate: 31 January 2011

In This Episode...

Aidan, trying to fit in, holds a neighborhood watch meeting at the house. Their police liason, Officer Garrity, recognizes Aidan. Aidan chats him up later, at a bar, to see where Garrity knows him from. Aidan matches a police sketch of the man who killed his father. A fight in an alley ends with Aidan impaled on a pipe. Garrity catches site of a tattoo on Aidan's chest, reading "Celine," and is able to confirm that this is the man who killed his dad. Later, Bishop shows up at Garrity's house. He tells Garrity about vampires and offers him the same choice. Aidan saves him, and compels Garrity to forget him. But he is out of practice, and it leaves Garrity a little crazy. The next day, Bishop brings crime scene photos to Aidan - Garrity blew his brains out.

The boys introduce Sally to Tony, another ghost. He died in 1987, wears a hair band tee, eyeliner, and rockin' mullet. Sally is excited to discover that she can actually touch Tony. He shows her how to materialize and dematerialize. Her first excursion out of the house ends in Tony kissing Sally and "tangling matter" (which, I think, is the ghost version of sex). He later apologizes - she is the first ghost he has met who he wants to spend time with. Friends again, his eyes are opened to love. He goes to see his one true love, and seeing her happy is the closure he needed to cross over.

Meanwhile, Josh, while out patrolling with a neighbor, sees a serial tagger. He tackles him while the neighbor calls the cops. Josh's anger gets the best of him and he chokes the vandal into unconsciousness. He runs, but his partner doesn't seem entirely disgusted.

Dig It or Bury It?

Great, great episode. It seems last week's underwhelming episode was not a pattern. I love that each character has their own story, independent of each other, yet they still have very natural interactions with each other. The characters are really developing well. There was humor! There was drama! There was intrigue!

Brits vs. Yanks

In the British version, the neighborhood watch meeting was actually just a party. And it was Josh's werewolf friend that skeezed out Sally, not her ghost friend.

Bloody Hell

The fight between Garrity and Aidan was unimpressive. The impaling was decent, but other than that and some crime scene photos, it was a pretty tame episode, gore and violence-wise.

Myths Revamped

Sally finally asks why Aidan can go in the sun without turning to dust. Evolution. Vampires used to be nocturnal, but over the years they grew less sensitive to sun. They are still photosensitive though. Tony also tells Sally that ghosts can, in the right circumstance, touch humans. The humans must be receptive.


Josh meets another werewolf, and Sally is hurt to find Danny and her friend Bridget have hooked up.