[Spoilers] We've Seen the Season 2 Premiere of 'Bates Motel' - What You Should Know Before Checking In


I was so excited when the Bates Motel screener arrived on my desk the other day. I couldn’t wait to watch it, and now I can’t wait to share with you what you can expect from season two. Enjoy these little tidbits to whet your appetite until the second season returns to A&E beginning March 3rd. Minor spoilers to follow - if you want to go into Bates Motel completely blind, read no further.

We pick up four months after the season one finale.

With the exception of a few scenes to round out Miss Watson’s death, season two takes place four months later. The motel is successful; Dylan is making a go at having a better relationship with Norma; things are awkward between Emma and Norman, who is still pining for Bradley. 

Norman is no longer the craziest character on the show.

I won’t spoil who is, but this person is definitely more outwardly crazy. This is crazy you can see coming from miles away. Norman’s crazy is hidden even to him.

Norma is a little less crazy… so far.

It seems that success has calmed her. She is still a little creepy-close with Norman, but not in a smothering way. When he tells her he wants to go out to the village for a few hours, Norma doesn’t question it; she just kisses him on the cheek and tells him to have fun. There is a sequence in which the pair are out for a driving lesson in what is possibly the most normal mother/son interaction we have ever seen out of them.

Miss Watson has a kind of Laura Palmer vibe going.

She died in last season’s finale, but her specter hangs heavy over the episode. The investigation into her murder is ongoing (though not particularly active, at least in the season premiere) and more secrets emerge about Miss Watson. I suspect many, many more will be revealed.