'Supernatural' Episodes 6.21 and 6.22 - The Season Finale


Supernatural Episode 6.21

"Let it Bleed" 

Written By: John Showalter

Directed By: Sera Gamble

Original Airdate: 20 May 2011

Episode 6.22

"The Man Who Knew Too Much"

Written By: Eric Kripke

Directed By: Robert Singer

Original Airdate: 20 May 2011

In This Episode...

It's actually two episodes, due to last week's two-hour Smallville finale. In the first episode, the guys discover that one of the Campbell family journals was taken by Cas - luckily, Bobby made a copy. The journal detailed a ritual held in 1937 by writer H.P. Lovecraft and some friends who were trying to open a portal to purgatory. Initially, the group thought the ritual failed. But the demon/soul/whatever that got through was invisible. Within a year, everyone there was dead except for the son of the housekeeper. Now in his 80s, he spent his entire life in a mental hospital. Bobby visits and sees a picture of the housekeeper. It's Ellie, Bobby's former girlfriend. Bobby pays her a visit. Turns out, she is what escaped from purgatory that night. But she means no harm - she likes it on earth. She is killed in the next episode, as her blood (plus the blood of a virgin) are needed to open the portal.

Sam and Dean have another problem to worry about. Crowley's thugs have kidnapped Ben and Lisa. Dean loses his shit and goes about torturing every demon he can find to learn their whereabouts. Cas apologizes to Dean but won't help locate them unless Dean stands down. He won't. Balthazar confronts Cas and knows that he is lying when he says he is not working with Crowley. So he decides to help the Winchesters, and delivers them the address where Ben and Lisa are being kept. The boys storm the castle and free the hostages, but a demon has set up shop inside Lisa. Dean exorcises the demon, but before he finishes, the demon Lisa stabs herself. Dean presses on, and races to get Lisa - demonless but bleeding to death - to the hospital. She is not expected to live through the night. Cas appears to pay his respects. Even after he heals Lisa and grants Dean one wish, he is still not forgiven - but it's a start. Oh and that one request? Dean had Cas wipe Lisa and Ben's memories of him. But Cas has one more trick: he takes down Sam's memory dam.

The season finale begins with an amnesiac Sam running for his life. Sam is caught in his own, tortured dreamscape, while his body is catatonic. Dean sits vigil until Bobby drags him away. They have a portal opening to stop. Sam, meanwhile, has a gauntlet to face in his brain. First he must defeat Soulless Sam. Then he encounters Hell Sam, the one who remembers being trapped in the cage. By defeating him, Sam can regain consciousness, but he has to relive all the terrible things that were dammed up.

Cas broke the contract with Crowley and told him he didn't want Crowley to have any of the souls. So Crowley makes a new deal with Raphael who is far more powerful, and protects Crowley. Bobby and Dean are ineffectual against the angels and demons; they can only watch as Crowley completes the ceremony. But nothing happens. Cas returns - he switched out the virgin/Ellie blood cocktail with dog's blood, and did the ceremony himself. He is imbued with a zillion souls, and is mad with power. He destroys Raphael and threatens to take down every one of his followers. Sam, now in one mental piece, stabs Cas with the angel dagger but it has no effect. Cas is no longer an angel; he is the new god, and they better bow down and worship him.

Dig It or Bury It?

The first episode of the night was far superior. It was heartbreaking to see Dean give up two of the people he loves most, all so they can have a chance at a safe, normal life. Now that is selflessness. Plus, who doesn't love mixing in a little Cthulhu mythos? The second episode was weaker. I failed to see the point of Sam caught in his own mental hell. It was contrived, it was annoying, and it just seemed to serve as episode filler.

Blood Brothers

Neither episode was particularly violent, but when Cas went evil, he snapped his fingers and made Raphael explode in a bloody mess.

Spooky Humor

At the beginning of the first episode, the boys were surprised when Bobby produced a copy of the missing journal. "Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Bobby Singer, resident paranoid," came his retort. Yeah, these weren't exactly the funniest episodes. I did enjoy Crowley calling Sam "Jolly Green" (as in giant).


Oh come on, this is an easy one. Castiel is going to be the "big bad" next season.