'Take It' - 'Dexter' Episode 5.8


Dexter Episode 5.8
"Take It"
Written By: Manny Coto & Wendy West
Directed By: Romeo Tirone
Original Airdate: 14 November 2010

In This Episode....

Dexter is scoping out the scene at one of Jordan Chase's seminars, planning his attack on Cole. Jordan asks Dexter to his suite. He read about Rita and the Trinity case, and was a little too interested in it. Lumen is at home doing research when Owen, her ex-fiance, calls. He is in Miami and wants to see her. She hesitantly accepts, and meets him for lunch. He has two around-the-world plane tickets, and wants her to go with him, but she wants to think about it.

Dexter has booked a room adjoining to Cole's. Lumen meets him there with the kill room gear, and tells Dex about Owen. They play the whole "Do you want to go?" "Do you think I should go?" game, then prep the room together. Lumen finally puts it together that Boyd wasn't Dexter's first kill. Dexter's plan is to do Cole in in the middle of the night, but gets sidetracked by heinous screaming from Cole's room. Dexter checks it out, but it is just rough - but consensual sex. When Dex returns to his room, he finds Lumen curled up in the corner, crying and trying to shut out the screams. Dexter puts his gloved hands over hers to help shut out the noise, and locks eyes with her. This calms her down and she ends up sleeping - her first sleep since this whole ordeal. Dexter couldn't kill Cole that evening anyway - his playmate spent the night.

New plan: Dexter will go to the seminar, then slip out and grab Cole by the service elevator while he is doing his security rounds, and Lumen will slip out and return home. But things rarely go according to plan. As Dexter is trying to leave the seminar, Jordan pulls him up onstage to talk about Rita's murder. Lumen is supposed to leave, but she is distracted by Dexter's story, played on a closed-circuit monitor in the lobby. Cole sees her and gives chase in a very Michael Myers way. Lumen texts Dexter as she runs back to the room, giving him an excuse to leave. Up in the room, Lumen locks herself in, but Cole breaks the door down, tackles her to the floor, and starts choking her out. Dexter arrives in the nick o' time and gives him a hit of tranquilizer.

Cole wakes on Dexter's kill table. Lumen is still there, empowered by her captor's immobility. When Cole refuses to give up the names of his accomplices, Dexter takes his blood sample and kills Cole. Lumen watches breathlessly, then becomes peaceful. Dexter admits to Lumen he has done this before, tells her about seeing his mom killed in front of him, and how killing others has made him feel whole - until Rita was murdered. Then it all seemed senseless - until he met Lumen. He hands her the blood slide - this is her trophy.

As Dexter waits for his car at the valet, Jordan comes up to say goodbye. He reminds Dexter of what he learned in the seminar, topping it off with "tick, tick tick - that's the sound of your life running out." Dexter makes the connection - Jordan was Watch Guy. Later that night, Lumen is looking at her blood slide... Owen is disgusted that she never met up with him... because Lumen is with Dexter on the Slice of Life, disposing of the last remnants of Cole.

Meanwhile, at Miami Metro, Laguerta is taking a lot of heat for the botched stakeout at the club. She needs a fall guy, and pushes Deb under the bus. Deb is understandably pissed, but Quinn convinces her to go the "proper" route: take her paid leave and let her union rep deal with things. Adding salt to the wound is Sierra, who is moving her belongings into the department. Before Deb leaves, Batista stops her, promising that he will back her up no matter how much trouble he gets in with the missus. Deb is like his kid sister - except he actually likes Deb.

Liddy is getting more and more out of control. He stages a car accident with Lumen to get her info. He then plies Quinn for more money, and when he doesn't get it, threatens to tell Deb what her new boyfriend has been up to. Quinn seems to be losing interest in Dexter as a perp, but Liddy is still on the case - and taking photos of Lumen and Dexter dumping Cole's body.

Dig It or Bury It?

This was a really strong episode. The last 15 minutes or so were exhilarating. I was waiting for Lumen to come face to face with one of her attackers, and it was satisfying. I am fascinated by this new relationship that Dexter has formed with Lumen. He has finally found someone who accepts him for who he is. Not like Miguel, who was too unstable for Dexter's "work." Not like Rita, who didn't know about his activities. But Lumen understands where he is coming from, how he became this way, and why this is cathartic. It is not a romantic connection; more like a soulmate or sibling connection. Though Dex may have to choose between two sisters when Deb admits to him that she was shocked at how fine she felt with killing Carlos Fuentes. She admits that she thought she would be burdened by it, but she doesn't. It's a very interesting argument in the nature versus nurture debate.

Flashback to the Future

Harry was absent again this week, but Dexter did share some words of wisdom with Deb. While discussing how eerily unrepentant she feels about taking a life, Dex tells her that Harry once told him that some people deserve to die. Deb asks if he believes that. "I believe that some people don't deserve to live."


Deb was unusually restrained this week, especially with all the shit Laguerta pulled. All we got out of her was that she would kill that "fucktard" Fuentes all over again if she could.

Body Bags

One death tonight: Cole. Unspectacular except that when Dexter plunges the blade into him, his blood pools up cleanly beneath the plastic wrap. It is a nice textured effect.


Quinn wants Liddy to back off the Dexter investigation. But he's Robocop, man! He doesn't back down! Also, Dexter sets up a private session with Jordan Chase, purely so he can do recon and be sure he is the right guy. He finds a pendant that is filled with red liquid. He takes a few drops with a needle to have it tested, thinking it would be undetectable... but Jordan detects it....