Television Tourniquet: ‘The Vampire Diaries' Episode 1.10


"The Turning Point"
Written By: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec & Barbie Kligman
Directed By: J. Miller Tobin
Original Airdate: 19 November 2009 

In This Episode…

We pick up right where last week left off – Logan trying to wrangle an invite into the Gilbert home.  Jenna shuts the door on his face, and in his frustration, Logan attacks a jogger and leaves her body just laying about.

Stefan is trying to coordinate his and Damon's retreat from town.  He's insistent that they both leave, and they both go their separate ways.  The sheriff comes by to tell Damon about the recent body.  Damon isn't acting when he says he is surprised.  With another vampire on the loose, Stefan can't leave.  He pops by school to warn Elena, and tell her that Damon swears it wasn't him.

Damon tracks down the new vampire with the help of Caroline and the magic compass.  He finds Logan, who shoots Damon full of wooden bullets.  Logan is full of hatred for becoming the very thing he hated.  Damon insists that Logan tell him who turned him, but Logan swears he doesn't know.  Logan, meanwhile, is desperate to know how the Salvatores can walk in the sun – a fact Damon will not give up.  At an impasse, Logan pumps Damon full of more bullets and leaves.

The school is having an evening career fair, and Logan turns up with threats to Stefan.  Stefan immediately figures out that Logan is vampy, and it doesn't take Elena long to figure it out, either.  Damon is full of vengeance and Stefan is full of worry for Elena.  The two work well together.

Logan offers Caroline a ride home, and calls the sheriff with more threats.  Damon and Stefan tag team Logan: while Damon rips Logan from the car, Stefan takes the passed out Caroline home.  Damon is still demanding the name of Logan's sire, and is about to kill him.  Logan promises he can find out – they just have to go to the old church ruins.  The sheriff pulls up then, and Damon hisses, "Make it look real."  He jumps back as if he had been hit, and Logan zips off, leaving Damon to make apologies to the sheriff.

Stefan heads back to school to check up on Elena, who offers him a ride home.  She insists that if he leaves, it would be for himself, not for her.  There was bad stuff in my life before you came in to it, she tells him.  Then she says she loves him, and they kiss passionately, and end up in bed together.  Post coital, while Stefan goes to get Elena some water, she browses around his room – and finds the photo of Catherine.  When Stefan returns, he sees the photo laying out, and Elena's necklace on top.

Elena is driving home recklessly, desperately trying not to cry.  A figure appears in the road, and she tries in vain to avoid him.  She misses, hits the person, and flips the car.  Catching her breath and suspended upside down, she watches as the crumpled heap puts his bones back together and stumbles towards the car.

Also: Caroline and Matt are getting very close, which has people talking and Elena ever-so-slightly jealous.  Alaric steps in a couple of times to be Jenna's white knight.  Jeremy tries to befriend Tyler, but the two get into a pushing match.  Tyler's dad drags them outside where he tries to force them to finish the fight – both boys refuse.

Dig It or Bury It?

I was worried that this episode would be a lost cause.  It was slow, and it didn't feel like the story was going anywhere.  But then the last 20 minutes or so were great.  Seeing that crumpled human pop all his bones together was deliciously creepy.  The Elena/Stefan thing is quickly turning into a Buffy/Angel thing, which is kind of annoying.  Apparently, sleeping with a vampire is asking for trouble.  Mothers of teenagers everywhere are rejoicing.

Dear Diary

Jeremy reads the old journal he found amongst his father's belongings.  It belonged to Jonathan Gilbert, a writer who filled the pages with Satanic stories and demonic sketches.  This inspired Jeremy to return to the sketching he did before his parents' accident.

Elena also reveals that she herself wanted to be a writer.  Her mother bought her a journal at a very young age, but ever since her mother's death, she hasn't wanted to write anymore – that was something she shared with her mother, and now that she is dead, the spark is gone.

Myths Revamped

Logan stumbled upon a problem I never really thought of – he can't go into his own home.  Vampires, we all know, cannot enter unless a resident invites them in.  Apparently you cannot invite yourself into your own home; someone else must.  Since Logan lived alone, he couldn't get in and had to take up residence at a hotel.


The show is on winter hiatus for the next few weeks – I'm not even sure it will be back before the new year.  However, starting December 14th, the CW will be running a Vampire Diaries marathon: two episodes a night for the entire week (for those keeping score, that's all ten episodes to date).  So if you missed anything, get those TiVos ready.