Television Tourniquet: ‘The Vampire Diaries' Episode 1.11


Story By: Sean Reycraft
Teleplay By: Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec
Directed By: Dave Barrett
Original Airdate: 21 January 2010

In This Episode…

Damon comes up on a panicking Elena, trapped upside-down in her overturned SUV.  "I look like her," she says before passing out.  When she wakes, she is in Damon's car and they are in Georgia.  He was on his way down there and took her along for the ride.  Elena won't take Stefan's calls; instead she spends the day in a bar with Damon, drinking him – and everyone else – under the table.  Damon was there to visit Bree, a witch he loved-and-left many years ago.

Bree was a lookout for Lexi's boyfriend, who is out for revenge.  He beats the crap out of Damon, but Elena stops him from setting Damon alight.  Damon was there for Bree's help in getting into Catherine's crypt.  Under threat, Bree finally says that even without the crystal, if Damon can get a hold of Emily's grimoire, he can access the vault.  She has nothing else to offer, so Damon kills her.

Having bonded during their road trip, Elena and Damon are far more relaxed around each other.  Back in Mystic Falls, Elena confronts Stefan about Catherine.  He insists she is not Catherine, but was overwhelmed by the resemblance.  Stefan was in the woods the night of the car crash that killed her parents.  Her father insisted Stefan help Elena first.  He saves her, but was too late to save her parents.  He then spent months researching her, desperate to believe she was not Catherine.  She is not, but she is related – turns out Elena was adopted.  The two make up.

Bonnie loses her witchy gift, which Gram chalks up to fear in her heart.  She goes to Emily's crypt, and the ground gives way, trapping her inside.  Stefan rescues her and returns her home safely, ensuring that she no longer fears him.  Stefan and Bonnie's Gram go way back, and she is impressed with his gentlemanly demeanor.

Elsewhere: While researching his history paper, Jeremy bumps into a cute, klutzy homeschooled kid named Anne.  They hit it off and spend the day together debating the reality of vampires.  It is revealed that Aleric is in town to exact revenge on Damon – Damon killed his wife.  And Jenna knew that Elena was adopted, and is horrified that she now knows.

Dig It or Bury It?

Ah, stalking has never been so romantic.  But apparently it works for Elena.  She wasn't creeped out by Stefan "researching" her for months before actually introducing himself.  I guess finding out you're adopted trumps everything.

I'm done with Bonnie.  She annoys the fuck out of me.  First she wigs out because she is a witch.  Then, she wigs out because she lost her powers.  And even though Stefan has been nothing but kind to her, she's still scared of him.  Apparently being trapped underground with no cell reception isn't as scary as the inverted pentagram inscribed on the wall.  Elena can at least stand up for herself; Bonnie whines incessantly about everything and anything.

Similarly annoying is this whole idea of every guy on the planet coming to exact revenge on Damon for eating their girlfriend/wife/lover/whatever.  Revenge is fine, but how about a different motive thrown into the mix?

Dear Diary

Aleric keeps his journal online, and rambles about how he has done his research and knows there is evil here.  Anne and Jeremy compare notes on their ancestors' journals.  I suspect we will hear a lot from them in coming episodes.

Myths Revamped

Elena asks Damon if she is part vampire because of her resemblance to Catherine.  "Vampires can't procreate, but we love to try," he tells her.  Damon also explains that as long as he has a healthy amount of blood in his system, his body pretty much acts as anyone else's.

Blood Lust

Bree warns Damon that her body is pumped full of vervane, but when you really want to kill someone, you find a way.  Damon does this by reaching into her chest and ripping out her heart with his bare hand.  Talk about a heavy-handed metaphor.


Damon and Stefan both vie for Elena's attention at the school sock hop, even while evil stalks the halls…