Television Tourniquet: ‘The Vampire Diaries' Episode 1.5


"You're Undead to Me"
Written By: Sean Reycraft & Gabrielle Stanton
Directed By: Kevin Bray
Original Airdate: 8 October 2009

In This Episode…

Stefan has Damon locked up in cellar.  He took away his brother's magic ring, so he is no longer impervious to sunlight.  He has also been shot up with enough vervain to keep him weak until he starves, at which point he will basically turn into a living mummy.  Stefan plans to put Damon in the family crypt at that point, but promises to pull him out in 50 years and reevaluate the situation.

Of course, Damon isn't going to give up.  He uses whatever strength he has to summon Caroline to him.  It takes him multiple tries – she thinks she is just hearing things – but eventually he draws her to him and convinces her to let him out.  As she does, Uncle Zack shows up and tries to stop her.  It doesn't work, and she runs.  She makes it out the front door, which freezes Damon in his tracks – the sunlight pouring in burns him and he slinks back into the shadows.

Elena, fed up with Stefan's secrecy, is on the verge of dumping him, when he shows up at her house to surprise her with some home cooking – chicken parm.  He tells her about Catherine (how she was the most beautiful girl in the world, but also selfish and impetuous) and even delves into favorite TV, movies, and music.  But suspicion returns when an old man thinks he recognizes Stefan from 50 years earlier.  Elena does a little digging, and discovers a news cast from that time – and sees Stefan clearly in the background.  By the end of the episode, she has put all the pieces together.

Vicki and Jeremy have been getting semi-serious – she spends the night, and they are spending time together in public.  But Jeremy wants more with her than just drugs.  When she steals some of Elena's pain pills left over from the car accident, that is the last straw.  He leaves her to "party" in the cemetery with some of her goth burn-out friends.  After sundown, when Damon can safely go outside and feed, he chooses Vicki as his victim and sucks her dry.

Also: Bonnie's powers seem to be growing and she is freaked out, so she runs to her gram for help.  The large crystal that Damon stole from the historical society and Caroline kinda-stole from Damon casts a pentagram when light shines through it.  Jenna is starting to trust Logan again.  He betrays that trust by coming over for dinner and using it as an opportunity to steal the antique pocket watch out of Jeremy's room.

Dig It or Bury It?

It was something of a "meh" episode.  It wasn't bad, it's just that nothing really stuck out about it.  Caroline did organize a "Sexy Suds" car wash for charity, so there were a lot of girls (and guys) in wet bathing suits.  I am glad that Elena is putting the vampire pieces together.  I hate dumb chicks who can't put two and two together (Lois Lane, I am looking at you).

Dear Diary

Elena picks up her journal to write at the very beginning of the episode, but she has nothing to write.  At the end of the episode, she does have something to write – her terrified, panicked ramblings on the thought that her boyfriend could very well be a vampire.

Blood Lust

After being locked in a cellar for several days, Damon was ravenously hungry, and it showed in the ferocity with which he drained Vicki.  But hers was the only kill.  Technically, it was not confirmed that Vicki was killed, but the way Damon went after her, I can't imagine she would survive, unless he turned her – very unlikely.

Myths Revamped

When Stefan is making dinner, Elena helps by chopping the garlic.  She then pauses to make sure he would be partaking in garlic bread so they would both have equally-smelly make-out breath.  There is this long, stupid beat that you know the director put in so that twelve-year-olds would squeal in anticipation before Stefan replies with, "It's my favorite."  Lame.  That whole "garlic repels vamps" myth is so 200 years ago.


Elena gets her confirmation that both Stefan and Damon are vampires.  Now Stefan must convince Elena not to be afraid of him.  She has no trouble believing that Damon is dangerous, telling him point-blank to leave her the hell alone.  I'm sure Elena has watched Buffy so she should know that as long as she doesn't sleep with her vampire, everything will be fine!